Who has the most influence and power to control everyone? You do something and a lot of people feel inclined to follow it. In our old days our ancestors would describe such acts as charisma or one of a godly ability but very funny the modern society chose to call it peer pressure. 

This seems to be the most complex nomenclature of what constantly takes shape in most if not all friendly relationship within universities. Having friends sounds very interesting but that might be akin to playing with the tail of a tiger being devoured is inevitable. Yes not ignoring that universities have trumpeted different fatal cases that are born of peer pressure alone and consideration should be zeroed in.  It is more like a wild game of survival, where the one who has the most influence gets to control others and in that trajectory get to destroy and plunder dreams and life of the influenced. Very few  people affected by peer pressure don’t do it on their own but usually because everyone is doing it. They do not make decisions on their own and this prompts them to engage into certain activities which might be commonly done around. 

Peer pressure has brought more harm than good in Tertiary students leading to tragic incidence and at times evoke serious predicaments in Students lives. It has led to early pregnancies in tertiary students just because of the phrase “others are doing it”. Many cases of pregnancies are arising in these tertiary institutions chiefly because others are doing it. Many girls have even lost their purity leading to self-isolation and early pregnancies which then affect their studies and even leading to school dropouts.

In addition to this, peer pressure leads to mental health problems such as high stress levels, anxiety and depression which then affect the student’s interaction base. Cases of drug and substance abuse cannot be ignored in tertiary institutions as they are arising due to this peer pressure. 

Due to peer pressure our traditional way of dressing has been eradicated. It is instructive to note that in some families due to their church background some clothes are not permitted and must not be worn at any cost. When students from such families goes to the tertiary institutions they take their way of dressing  with them and in no time some succumb to peer pressure leading them to start wearing clothes that are  a  restart contrast to the type of dressing expected in their homes.

Peer pressure has even resulted in a wide extension of suicidal ideation universities as victims later on will now be trying to free themselves from stigmatisation and societal condemnation leading them to just end it.

Peer pressure has an impact in the academic circles in schools. It is important to note that peers exert massive influence on each other hence it has far reaching consequences and may set some students up for failure in life through drug abuse, alcohol use and sexual activities leading to STI’s. This is also due to loss of individuality and conformity to the group for peer approval leading to some decisions that will leave indelible scars and misery in one’s life.

Peer pressure also result in drastic changes in behaviour and attitude. Normally when a student reaches the tertiary level they will all be aiming for one thing which is success, so with this peer pressure, students end up deviating from the stipulations and mandate of being at school. This even makes them to start bullying others thereby affecting them in the long run.
This is the rigmaroles students struggle with in universities. This is a more deadly pestilent which have survived on feasting on the vulnerable students. But for how long will it go abated? 


  1. That's good ,#the wiseman from the east with booking know-how laminated with pragmatism. You keep & maintain my ¼moon smile when it comes to the academic field.Maintain it,keep it going boy , as long as you use oxygen aim to show your best.May the Almighty vindicate you ,protect you wherever you are.

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