Ronnie Dee, Crooger & Kikkybadass Give Us "Chintaulila"

Among the few widely known personalities in the Zimbabwean celebrity space, very few can quite be tagged as "influencers". Ronnie Dee finds himself among that select few along with the likes of Passion Java. Although not widely followed on social media he has managed to shape street lingo with his antics and videos, usually alongside Dj Towers. His catch phrase "Chintaulila" has become a regular part of the speech among the youth and now the personality is bringing us a single with that same name.

The single Chintaulila features the vocal talents of Crooger and Kikkybadass while Ronnie Dee is credited as the brains behind the track although not performing on it himself. Crooger delivers an exceptional chorus with his usual baritones and Kikkybadass is deep in her element with boundless flow. The track contains everything that has made Zimhiphop a regular feature on the top Zimbabwean playlists and it will definitely have wide appeal. It has production by Jonn the producer and it was mixed & mastered by Leekay.

The track was also released as a celebration of Ronnie Dee's birthday which falls on today. Checkout the song below:

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