The sweet that corrodes the teeth....A case of Sugar Daddies and Varsity Girls

The mystery surrounding the issue of so-called Blessers have been deliberately neglected regardless of it destroying future of teenagers and adults. News of girls and boys indulging into commercial sex with sugar daddies has been trending during the past few years; even today the same is still happening.  This is a serious pandemic that calls for global effort to eradicate it, since it is likely to damage lives that anything could do. Disturbing trends of pregnancies, deaths and diseases related to these activities have been circulating and it is very imperative now to deal with this before it affects most if not all of the future of the society.

Records have shown that, in recent years there has been a rise in the number of youths who are being involved in the activity and this has endorsed sugar mommies and sugar daddies to take advantage of the youth and surprisingly a little is done to solve such sensitive issue. This practice has brought to live many clawing problems especially in today’s society as this destroys the future of the society which is largely dependent on its young generation. 

The issue of Blessers has largely compromised the health of many youths since this activity is a catalyst to numerous sexual transmitted diseases, consequently causing numerous death and suicides. Other news has shown most university students dropping out of school due to diseases and unwanted pregnancies.

The issue at hand can be disastrous in the near future as youths do find this form of mal-practice lucrative and the only way out to their pertinent poverty. A closer scrutiny on reasons why youths today are falling victim to this scandalous activity can show that; youths are tempted into finding Blessers because they are obsessed with gaining social media attention and following. Having Blessers seems to be a guarantee to extravagant life which award them popularity among their peers on social media. In reality, this has devastating psychological effects which evoke problems in one’s studies. 

On the other hand, there are also push factors which are causing the issues of Blessers to escalate. Youths are finding it difficult to circumvent the problems related to poverty which push them into resorting to older people for money in exchange with their bodies. This seem to be an easy way of earning a living especially at university campuses; where students sometimes times are left to rely on themselves because their parents would have probably failed to give them money to cater for their basic needs.

These challenges call for drastic measures to curb it, before it inflicts action further damage. Best way to handle such issues is to start with openly teaching about dangers related to indulging into sex in all educational levels. This can be done so as to raise awareness amongst students. Another way of tackling the issue of sugar mommies and daddies is to ensure that all youths are catered for in terms of their day to day needs. This can be done to ensure that they do not find alternative ways of looking after themselves amid the economic hardships that many facing and this can also lead in many young boys and ends ending up in prostitution as they will be jumping from one Blesser to the other.

The issue of Blessers needs to be dealt with especially at University level as it have detrimental effects. The safety of the youth must be prioritized and all those promiscuous older people dating vulnerable young adults must be exposed and punished. The future of our country lies within the minds and hands of the young people therefore the need to protect the youth and end the issue of sugar mommies and daddies. IF IT IS NOT DEALT WITH, WHO WILL SAVE THE SOCIETY?
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