Kae Chaps Drops "No Man Curse"

Currently a man at the summit of Zimbabwean music, Kae Chaps' took to Zimcelebs' Ndipe Mic sessions to drop his latest single No man curse. This comes while he's still flying high on the coattails of Juzi but the latest single is even better. It's a blend of RnB and hiphop with a slight sprinkle of reggae in the songs essence. No man curse is Kae Chaps' making a statement of his belief in God and a testament of his strength to overcome past pain. 

He brings a mellow feeling to the song as he serenades us in soft vocals that draw us in to keep listening. He pours his personal experiences into the music as talks about a near death experience he had and this is the incident where he was stabbed. About four years ago Kae Chaps survived a vicious attack one night in Harare while on his way home after a performance. The scars he sustained coupled with mental trauma seem to be a big part of his drive and even his last album had the title Vanga/Scar but it spoke more of emotional scars instead of that particular incident.

On No man curse, Kae Chaps displays his versatility in sound that has had him often classified as an Alternative artist instead of being purely Hiphop in his craft. The song talks about giving up, depression and suicide yet it's main message is perseverance above all. After the first listen I was already singing along the chorus, "They say let no man curse... Jah Jah bless vataure zvese zvavada but ndicharamba ndichivimba naJesu."

Dj Futronic a long time collaborator of Kae Chaps is credited with the production work on this song and as always he delivered.

Checkout Kae Chaps "No man curse" below:

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