A Conversation With Reich. The Upcoming RnB Sensation


Born Rachael Kwainona, Reich is an RnB singer & songwriter. The 27 year old is not only passionate about music but mental health issues and she believes the youth has the biggest role in raising awareness of societies ills. The artist recently dropped her latest single "Throwback", a smooth RnB jam that serenades the soul and drags the heart into a nostalgic pit filled with past lovers. The song leaves you wanting more and as soon it ended on my first listen I had to pull it back. In the nature widely known of Holy Ten, the song is only around 2 minutes long as are the other singles Reich has released. To aptly describe it Throwback is a song that speaks seduction, it's the kind of music you make love too. Part of the lyrics go:

Tell how you want it

Tell me if you want it

Better tell me if you need it

If you want it 

You can show me how you like it 

You can hit it till the morning 

You could say she's still finding her feet in the music industry and over the past year and a half she's released 4 singles. Namely Hey Mr, My way, Throwback and Brand New ft Phatso. Although she's done a lot of music for fun those are the ones who's quality she feels good enough to call official singles.

So what inspired you to pursue music?

What inspired me to do music was my parents, at a young age they knew first that I wanted to do music. The talent was there because they said I could sing the alphabet so well and singing along to a clock that was in our house. So then later I started exploring my artistic side when I was in high school. I was a bit hesitant and shy and also that was my first time properly doing music and recording in a booth with my friends from high school but it went well. So since then I fell in love with recording till today. 

Did you start out in RnB or you explored other sounds before finding your comfort zone there?

I never knew what genre meant but I was influenced and I listened to more to artists like Rihanna, Kehlani, Jhene aiko and HER. And when Afro music became popular and I was drawn to Tolani now Tems I then realized well I can be an Afro RnB artist. After all I began to be more comfortable singing rhythm and blues. I never really explored with other genres I just took up RnB more from the start. *laughs*

How long have you been making music now?

I've been singing my whole life but recording some tracks in the studio I only started in 2012 then I stopped for a while and continued again in 2019 till today.

Have you released a full project yet?

Not yet because I am not a well known artist yet, so I tend to release singles rather than albums or a full project.

What's your creative process like?

So I am an open minded person and very fluid with my thoughts. So I usually sing what comes to mind be it sex, love relationships or depression themed songs. Because I am heavily influenced by my favourite RnB artists such as Jhene Aiko, I tend to connect with my inner self and translate it into words to speak of what I am feeling. So when I write mysongs I just tap into what I am feeling or the mood of the beat sometimes and come up with a concept and I write and create.

Are they other artforms you use to express yourself?

Yes I paint and draw

Does any of your music talk of your own personal experiences?

Most of the music that I've released so far doesn't talk about my personal experiences but it was music put out for people to enjoy and feel good. However I am planning to release more tracks that have deeper meaning and reflect some of my personal stories.

Last question, what do you expect people to feel or what message were you putting across with your latest single?

*Laughs* To be honest there was no message but it's a feel good kinda song. However I want people especially the ladies to feel sexually liberated and be open minded and speak their mindset when it comes to sex and all but overally hoping people vibe to the music and enjoy and just be happy.

What are your social media handles?

Instagram @iam_reichmusic

Facebook @rachelsamson

Twitter @rkwainona

Youtube @reichmusic

Checkout Reich's latest single "Throwback" below:

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