NAMA Celebrated 40 Legends In An Unforgettable Special Edition Show: Learn More About The 40 Legends and Watch Full Award Show

NAMA Awards 2021

The National Arts Council of Zimbabwe and Jacaranda Culture and Media Corporation facilitated the special edition of the NAMA awards hosted on the 27th Of March 2021. In a statement prior to the Awards being held the organizers stressed that “the Special edition will be celebrating and honoring 40 legends that have made us laugh, cry and love since 1980. It’s an art-filled 40th Anniversary for Zimbabwe, while we commemorate 35 years of the existence of the National Arts Council Of Zimbabwe”. The #NAMALegends was broadcasted on ZBC TV, ZTN, ZimCelebs, NAMA Facebook Pages and NAMAtv Youtube Page.

Ammara Brown 

The award show was hosted by songbird Ammara Brown with the support of ProBeatz and Maffoty. National Arts Council Of Zimbabwe Director Mr Nicholas Moyo and NAMA Executive Director and Producer, Napoleon Nyanhi were the main executors of the successful edition of the NAMA Awards. The awards were powered by Old Mutual, CIMAS and NMB Zimbabwe. 

The introduction of the show saw “the big diaspora collaboration”. It saw different artists in different countries coming together on one track and singing the Zimbabwean National anthem. Bekezela (South Africa), Brian Nhira (USA), Cindy Munyavi (USA), Sanii Makhalima (Australia), Tina Masawi (Spain), Vimbai Zimuto (Netherlands) and Vusa Mkhaya (Austria). 

There were performances by Dj Tamuka, Nutty O, Anita Jaxson, Tamy Moyo, Jose Sax, Tariro Negitare, Mzoe 7, ExQ, Sylent Nqo and Eriki. Marshal Munhumumwe’s Rudo Imoto and Ilanga’s True Love medley performances gave these classics a new set of legs . James Chimombe’s Kudakwase performed by Sylent Nqo, Tariro Negitare and Jose Sax saw a tribute of Zimbabweans in the arts sector.


The tribute included Zororo Makamba (1990-2020), Peter Johns (1960-2020), Cosmas Magaya (1953-2020), David S. Mungoshi (1949-2020), Delroy Maripakwandu, Calvin Nhliziyo (1984-2020), Sibonisiwe Sithole (1982-2020), Lauzarus Boora (1973-2020), Michelle Amuli (1994-2020), Foster Dongozi (1972-2020), Thompson Dondo (1972-2021), Janet Munyaka (1972-2020), Aeneas Chigwedere (1939-2021), Piwayi Dzuda (1970-2021) and Elita Gochera (1949-2021). 

Checkout the full list of the 40 Legends who were honored in the NAMA Special Edition and a brief history of these artists as reiterated by NAMA on their social media platforms;
Jesesi Mungoshi 
Jesesi Mungoshi was born in 1954 and her acting career began in 1984 in the movie, Ingove Njake Njake. She made her Televeision debut in 1989, in the African journey, a film by George Bloomfield. In 1991, she played the lead role in Godwin Mawuru's film 'Neria'. 

Tsitsi Dangarembga 

Tsitsi Dangarembga's novel 'Nervous Conditions' (1988), was named by the BBC in 2018 as one of the top 100 books that have shaped the world. Tsitsi also wrote the story for the film 'Neria' in 1993, which became the highest-grossing film in Zimbabwean History. 
Aaron Chiundura Moyo 
Aaron Chiundura Moyo is a multi-talented individual who is an accomplished novelist, playwright, poet, screenwriter, concept developer, actor, director, radio producer and researcher. From 1971 to 1979 Aaron worked as a presenter at Radio Rhodesia Africa Service and he produced several radio dramas. In 1981 he began close collaborations with the reorganised ZBC working for Radio 2 as a freelance producer. In 1987 Chiunudra Moyo ventured into television wherehe wrote and acted in several drama series and films. He proved his mettle when he created and wrote Studio 263, Zimbabwe's first television soapie. He then wrote and directed Tiri Parwendo which ran for 7 years and was the first pre-colonial epic drama series ever produced in the ciuntry. In literature, the legendary writer has penned over 20 novels and plays. The veteran artist has won various broadcasting and arts locally and internationally. 

Fradreck Mujuru 
Fradreck Mujuru, born 31 October 1955, in Denedzo Rusape and grew up with a keen interest in the mbira instrument. In 1972, Fradreck was accepted into the prestigious circle of mbira musicians at Dambatsoko who played for Muchatera. 

Jasen Mphepo 

Born in 1975, Jasen Mphepo belongs to a class of enterprising, versatile, and ‘youngish’ thespians. He is an actor, filmmaker, writer and business person. Jasen is the Executive Director at Patsime Edutainment Trust. 
Adam Madebe 

Adam Madebe was born in Bulawayo in 1954 and trained at Mzilikazi Arts and Craft Centre where he began sculpting figurines in day and around 1970, he majored in metal. Adam pionered a method to create life and larger than-life size works. 

Ben Mahaka 
Ben Mahaka was born in 1968 in Chipinge and shot to fame playing the role of Tom Mbambo in Zimbabwe's first ever soapie, Studio 263 that premiered in 2002. Mahaka also featured in the movie Yellow Card as well as Lord of Kush produced by Tendai Maduwa. 

Barnabas Chadamoyo 

A traditional dancer and drummer of immense repute, Barnabas Chadamoyo is an artist who has seen it all in the dance fraternity. Following the proclamation of Mbende-Jerusalem dance by UNESCO as a masterpiece of intagible cultural heritage. 
Tapfuma Gutsa 

Born in 1956, Tapfuma Gutsa is one of the visual artists who received formal training in sculpting. He has a unique approach and use of materials. His sculptures incorporate metal, paper, wood, and other foreign material. His winning sculpture of the Nedlaw exhibition, 1987, comprised smouldering grass engulfing a wooden bird. In 2007, he was one of the only 11 international artists commissioned by the Victoria and Albert Museum in London to produce works for an exhibition on slave traditiong. Tapfuma is an international acclaimed visual artist whi has participated in numerous art exhibitions, workshops and residency programes in Africa, Europe, the USA and the Caribbean. Tapfuma cherishes unearthing creativity from marginalized and usually remote communities of Zimbabwe. He continues to play a crucial role in the development and growth of the visual art sector particularly through his zeal for imparting valueable knowledge and skills to young and upcoming visual artists. Besides mentoring Dominic Benhura, he also played a pivotal role in nurturing other visual artists like Fabian Madamombe. 
Stella Chiweshe 

Born in 1946 in Mhondoro, Stella Chiweshe is undoubtedly Zimbabwe's Queen of Mbira and one of the country's foremost cultural exports. Her career spanning over 40 years includes being a cultural ambassador and Zimbabwe's flag carrier. 
Nkululeko Innocent Dube 

Nkululeko Innocent Dube, born on 25 October 1975, is the brains behind Inkululeko  Yabatsha School Of Arts (IYASA) who quit the teaching profession to venture into arts full-time. He  started the group as a dance/ drama intiative at Mpopoma High School in Bulawayo. 
Ellen Mlangeni 
Ellen was quickly spotted and cast for film. She has starred in over 20 dramas, short films and features of roles amongst others are Power Of One by Warner Brothers. Road to Jacaranda, Another Wedding, King Kraal, Omunye Umncwabo, Thuba Lami.  

Lovemore Tshuma popularly known as Lovemore Majaivana 

Born Lovemore Tshuma in 1954 in Gweru, Majaivana was inspired by Thomas Mapfumo who was recording his music and playing electron guitairs. Majaivana also shared the stage with Bob Marley in 1980 at the Zimbabwe independence celebrations.
Matesu Dube 

Matesu Dube born in 1974, has a combined 28 years in the arts as an actor, dancer, threatre and film director. In 1997 he founded Umkhathi Threatre Works and became its Artistic Director. Matesu is an African Traditional dance resource person. 

Rashid Jogee 

Rashid Jogee is famous for his abstract and expressionist paintings. One of Zimbabwe's most independent original artists. Rashid has over 48 exhibitions and in 2013 he represented Zimbabwe at Venic Biennale.
Felix Moyo 

Felix Moyo, popularly known as 'Silandulo' after his role in the television drama, KuKhulwa Kokupela, was born on the 16th of December 1953. Moyo is pioneer of Ndebele television drama in Zimbabwe and has been a part of reference by the later generations. 
Pathisa Nyathi 
Phatisa Nyathi, born in Kezi, Matobo district in Matabeleland South in 1951. The veteran writer has written over 50 books mostly in the Isindebele language with a view to enable constant development of language to achieve a rich heritage for future generations. 

Cont Mdladla Mhlanga 

Cont Mdladla Mhlanga is a playwright, actor, threatre director. His career in the cultural and creative industries began in 1982 when he formed Amakhosi theatre. Mhlanga has written more than 20 plays. 
Alick Macheso 

He is regarded as 'King of Sungura', Alick Macheso, born in 1968, in an extraordinarly talented in terms of bass guitar playing, dancing, composing and vocals. Macheso burst into the music scene in 1998, with his debut album Magariro. 
Stephen Chigorimbo 
Stephen Chigorimbo was born in 1951 and began film making in 1974. He quickly found himself behind the camera and rose through ranks while undergoing professional training as an actor. He was honored for his contribution to the growth and development of film. 

Susan Chenjerai 
Susan Chenjerai is an actor and musician par execellence is well known for potraying the famous "Mai Rwizi" character that entertained people through music and acting in the drama series Mhuri YaVaMukadota. 

Dominic Benhura 
Dominic Benhura born in 1968 in Murewa is a well known stone sculptor and is highly regarded in Zimbabwe, Africa and Internationally. He has established Dominic Studios, where he nurtures, mentors and be of influence to other sculptors. 

Albert Nyathi 

Albert Nyathi is a poet, musician, writer, actor and philanthropist born in 1962, Gwanda district. Nyathi was inspired by the national freedom struggle and at a tender age mastered traditional prasie poetry. He is also celebrated as the most travelled artist. 
Shimmer Chinodya 
Shimmer Chinodya is a novelist born in Gweru in 1964. He is classified as an elder in the literary arts, belonging to rare class of exceptional writers. Expelled from Goromonzi High School for demonstrating against Ian Smith regime for his political consciousness.  

Joe Njangu 

Joe Njangu born in 1982 is a new breed of trailblazers in the creative landscape of Zimbabwe. The South African trained writer/ director established himself as the future of Zimbabwe film industry through his first comedy debut, Lobola. 
Nakai Matema 
Born in 1970, Nakai Matema is film producer with experience spanning over two decades. Currently, she works with Zimbabwe International Film Festival Trust as the Trust's Producer and has been the face of Zimbabwe in many African film fora. 

Chirikure Chirikure 

Born in 1962 in Gutu, Chirikure Chirikure is prolific poet, songwriter, and author. He belongs to classs of accomplished and resourceful Zimbabwean writing and perfoming artists. He worked as an editor/ publisher for 17 years. He is now runs a literarary agency. 
Daves Guzha 

Daves Guzha birn in 1967, boasts of a long and distinguished career both on stage and screen. He is an accomplished artistic director. Guzha founded Rooftop Promotions incorporating Theatre in the Park a multi-purpose. 
Paul Chidyausiku
Born in 1927, Paul Chidyausiku is one of the revered pioneers of the literary arts in Zimbabwe. Indeed, he is the epitome of excellence in the art of writing. He was one the first few shona writers to be published in the 1950s. 
Susan Hains 

Susan Hains grew up in Harare where in her youth she studied dance and acting. Susan was in 2010 honored by Women Filmmakers of Zimbabwe as an outstanding woman in uplifting the lives of the women in Zimbabwe. 

Nicholas Zakaria 

Born in 1956 in the Mazowe, Nicholas Zakaria was influenced by his father into music. By the age of 8, Nicholas could already play the guitar with the ease of a veteran. At age 14, he formed his band the Green Mangoes. 
Helen Lieros 
Helen Liero is one of Zimbabwe's finest painters belonging to a special group of the most enthusiast teacher of art, the nation boasts of. Born in 1940, in Gweru, she studied art at the Ecole des Beaux- Arts in Geneva, Switzerland. 

Sylvester Mubayi

Belonging to the internationational aclaimed class of the first generation stone sculptors. Sylvester Mubayi was born in 1942. He joined the Tengenenge Sculpture Community in 1967. He joined as one of its first members and later served as artist in residebce at the Chapungu Sculpture Park. 
Thomas Tafirenyika Mapfumo 
Born in 1945 in Marondera, Thomas Tafirenyika Mapfumo founded the Hallelujah Chicken Run Band in 1972. he has become one of Zimbabwe's most popular music famed for Chimurenga music. His songs were overly political supporting the revolution for black freedom. 

Irene Chigamba 
Irene Chigamba is an immensely talented traditional dance practitioner who strated dancing at 8. She toured the world with the Zimbabwe National Dance Company from the age of 19. Her parents were the biggest influence in her chosen career of dancing. 

Zexie Manatsa 

Zexie Manatsa, born in 1944 and launched his musical career in 1959 perfomring with his young brothers as Mambo Jazz band. He formed the Green Arrows Band in 1968 in Bulawayo, in Nkosi resulting in the album 'Chipo Chiroorwa'. 
Musaemura Zimunya 

Musaemura Zimunya was born in 1949 in Mutare, he began publishing poems when he was still at school. He is undoubtedly one of Zimbabwe's leading poets, he writes poetry both in English and the Shona langauges and is also a prominent scholar of Zimbabwean literature. 
Barbara Makhalisa (Nkala) 
Barbara Makhalisa is one of the earliest published female writers in Zimbabwe. Also known as Barbara Nkala (her married name), she is the author of fiction and non-fiction books written in both English and Ndelebele.

Joyce Jenje-Makwenda 

Born in 1958 Mbare, Joyce Jenje-Makwenda is renowned enthomusicologist. Since 1984 she has carried out research and interviews on early urban culture, music, politics, education, religion, media. fashion, taboo, sexual and culutural issues. 
Bothwell Nyamhondera 

Bothwell Nyamhondera born in 1959. He produced great albums for top musicians like Oliver Mtukudzi, Thomas Mapfumo, Alick Macheso, Madzibaba Nicholas Zakaria, Leonard Dembo, Mechanic Manyeruke, Simon Chimbetu, Tongai Moyo. A legend with an ear for good music. 

Do check out the full  #NAMALEGENDS 2021 Award show below; 

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