Album in Focus: Everything Here EP By LarryTheNomad

Everything Here is the latest offering from LarryTheNomad. A multi talented creative who calls Cottage 47 home, he is passionate artist who not only expresses himself with a mic but also dabbles behind the camera lens. I first bumped into his work on the collective project by Cottage 47; Vibes: The Game Vol.1 and reading up on him I learnt he's not a new comer to the craft. Over the past years he's been exploring his own particular blend of sound along the lines of Afro-Vibe while also establishing a media company by the name of Soko Media Africa.

In his latest project Everything Here, Larry gives us sort of a mashup of Afrobeats and HipHop. It's a sound that reminds me a lot of Simba Tagz and although not the typical sound of Zimhiphop there's potential in it. From his 2020 release, the five track Problematic EP Larry gave us an up tempo sound. It was get up groove music which feels like an antonym to what Everything Here has to offer. EH is much more mellow and it's a sound that demands to be felt. You could say with Problematic, Larry was "just vibing" and on Everything Here he's storytelling.

It's however a short project with only 3 tracks but as you've heard it being said it's not the size of the dog that matters but the size of the fight in the dog. The EP although short is rich in content, with a sound that is surely to set Larry apart from everyone else.

Fi Eediat is principally the song of a brokenheart although it has slightly upbeat vibes. Larry talks of giving his heart and having that trust betrayed with the way chorus is phrased hinting that he's speaking of being cheated on. One his lines took me back to Omarions classic "Icebox." Larry goes, "That's right, I've got this icebox where my heart used to be, I'm getting right out of my misery, respect me I am royalty." Fi Eediat is an easy listen in its lyricism and tempo, and contains amazing backing vocals from an unidentified female voice.

Wena is a vibe of its instrumental alone, the tempo and dynamic delivered on this track is sweet seduction to the ears. In its essence it's a love song, talking about how the subject of Larry's affection is perfect just the way they are. The song blends Zimbabwe's 3 most popular (English, Shona, Isindebele) languages in beautiful melodies that capture emotion. Again the unidentified lady on the backing vocals did her thing to perfection.

Everytime ft Prince Pashan and it's still within the outright theme of love but it has a different dynamic to it. The sound invites you dance and Prince Pashan delivers a dancehall verse this beat very much needed. It's far and above everything else on this project and probably one of LarryTheNomad's best songs to date. The track Guilty although initially in the tracklist for this project seems to have been dropped for one reason or the other.

The production work on Everything Here is credited to KennyProbeats, Mr Rebel and Area51. I have to commend the trio on their amazing work bringing the tracks together. It's always complicated rating a short project and to be honest I was left wanting more. It feels like LarryTheNomad has a lot more stories to tell but I guess he's going to keep us waiting.

Greedysouth rating: 6.5/10

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