Nyasha David Lights A Candle Of Hope With New Release Titled Njenjere

Nyasha David slightly moved away from his usual romantic ballads to inspire the youthful nation of Zimbabwe with his Njenjere release. The single is paving way for the Songs of David project. The song breaks with a snippet of Zimbabwean prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa’s sermon teaching on how life can change for the better with the guidance of the Supreme Being. The sampled snippet goes on to teach about humility and practising ubuntu.

Nyasha David
Nyasha David

Njenjere is a metaphor for coming from the bottom which is mainly the cheapest form of the toy in Zimbabwean high-density suburbs. The music video is set in a high-density suburb with children playing with plastic balls and wire cars. The setting showcased illustrates the unity showcased by the group of youth with Nyasha in the video. Nyasha also pays homage to award-winning dancehall chanter Nutty O by sampling a line from Nutty O’s Simba Mukaka hit - “Kana uchi hater unondikwata” in Njenjere.

Check out the track below:

Gerald Muchandiona

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