Prolific Drops "We Blew It"

On the back of his latest release "Don't be fooled", the Cottage 47 member, Prolific is back with his latest offering "We blew it". A story of heartbreak filled with effortless flows and clever punchlines. It's a mellow tune that Prolific drops bars on with the ease of a seasoned artist. The track features production by Area 51 and it was mixed and mastered by Prolific himself. He drops lines like, "If fate is the judge then I'll do my time" and it sounds ingenious within its simplicity. On releasing the song, Prolific commented:

I think we can all agree that heartbreaks are the worst, but i thank God for music because its been so therapeutic to me especially when i needed to heal the most.

Checkout the song "We blew it" below:

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