Suhn Releases His Latest Track "Twenties"

Acclaimed by many fans as the Zimbabwean Travis Scott, Suhn is part of the new crop artists bringing a different flavour to Zim-HipHop. Hair braided, his grill on, electronic beats banging with him performing lyrical gymnastics on the beat, Suhn personifies trap music and the new age of hiphop. The hit maker was formerly known as Union 5 but some time last year he announced a rebrand that saw the birth of Suhn. He even removed all his previous artist work as Union 5 and said he would be starting afresh as Suhn to produce more of the music that would resonate with him. 

He featured a month ago on Nashtv's hotspot with his track "Margielas" and that served to announce him to a wider audience, while also cementing his rebrand. His latest release is titled "Twenties" and its an ode to his goals for the 2020s. It's at hits heart trap music but you can make out every word and the beat is loud but  without overshadowing the vocals. The chorus goes:

Ok ndafaisa madhiri

2021 ndaane nice ndaane mbiri

2022 I build a house pazimhiri

2023 I'll bring a grammy to my city

Checkout the single "Twenties below:


  1. Iwe murder, mpfana uyu akaipa mhani uyu. That whole union 5 crew.

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