A Closer Look: AFROTOPIA Is A New Digital-Creative Co-Working, Co-Learning & Co-Earning Space In The Heartbeat Of Downtown Harare

Creatives performing at Afrotopia/ image credit: Afrotopia

What is Afrotopia
Afrotopia is a physical & virtual co-working, co-learning, co-earning space which facilitates Afro-optimistic expression, collaboration, connections and creativity. Ideas, stories and innovations defy convention and transform the African narrative are amplified in their realm. Afrotopia is a new digital-creative, co-learning, co-earning & co-working space in the urban heartbeat of downtown Harare. It is a place for young and maverick entrepreneurs, freelancees, remote workers and creatives tired or working from hotel coffee shops, being unprotective at home with erratic wifi, and missing the contagious energy of being around like-minded individuals. 

It is an open free space for expression, collaboration, creativity and connections, a good place for disruptive creativity on its own terms, free from the traditional rules of engagement and a place physical/virtual where one can find their collective/individual purpose in solving the African problem. The perfect place find the most ambitious change-makers, greatest digital creatives and funky entrepreneurs. 

Demin Woods /image credit: Afrotopia 

Who is an (can be an) Afrotopian?
Someone either confident in his or her purpose or consistently seeking his or her role in solving (the)African problem(s). one who believes in the way of Afrotopia, freedom of expression, creativity, collaboration etc. One who builds the Afrotopia by developing new ideas past the standard norms of creativity. The purse of Afritopia is to enhance learning, making, earning, connecting and sustaining. 

Afrotopia' Short Term Vision 
Their short term is to offer an income-generating, learning, making and earning co-space for young urban Digital Creatives. Furthermore introducing young urban dwellers to the purpose of creating digi-creative solutions to African problems for example unemployment, sanitation, power, food and Income. One of the paramount short goal is architecturing global digital opportunities for Afrotopians. 

Afrotopia's Long-Term Vision 
The long term plan for the collective is to generate income from corporates through collective created solutions, to scale great ideas /solutions, reproduce the hub framework on the continent and while solving unemployment. On local scale the way to use experimental digital creative solutions to contribute substantially to the Zimbabwean GDP, empower young people with purpose through digital skills and lobbying for advocacy and policy changes/incorporation. 

Afrotopia Structure 
It is an 'A for-profit' Social Venture that uses its profits for the public good and social benefit. Afrotopia is a Private Limited going concern. 

Afrotopia model  
✔ Maker space 
✔ Co-working 
✔ Urban Youth focus 
✔ Experimental & alternative concepts 
✔ The parallel global online community (webinars & training)
✔ Membership based cafe access ie. Membership/club


Digital Creatives such as; 
✔ Photographers 
✔ Online Content-Creators 
✔ Web/Mobi/Front/Back-end/ Gaming/ AI Developers 
✔ Animators 
✔Virtual Reality Artists 
✔Tradigital Artists 
✔ Data analysers, brand activators and consultancy agencies
✔ Online tutors, Transcriptionists, Proofreaders, Budgeters/Bookkeepers 
✔Ebook Publishers

Tahle weDzinza & Fungai Sarah Muzoroza 

What is Afrotopia offering you? 
✔Functional co-working space 
✔ Access to like-minded creatives 
✔ An opportunity to co-create income-generating solutions
✔ Training/mentorship & support 
✔ Retail/Promotional opportunities 
✔ Cool maker-space cohesiveness and collaboration
✔ Provide skill for income generation

Why you need Afrotopia as your new Bestfriend?
✔ Comfortable easy-going environment
✔ Good internet 
✔ Conferencing 
✔Meeting Rooms
✔ 24-hour access (forecasted)
✔ Parking (5 bays)

Target Market
πŸ“Œ Advertising Agencies 
πŸ“Œ Digital Creative MSMEs (Developers, Film-makers)
πŸ“ŒProduction Houses 
πŸ“ŒTV Stations 
πŸ“Œ Churches
πŸ“Œ Corporate entities (Banks, Law Firms etc.)
πŸ“ŒNGOs/Charities (eg. British Council/Hivos etc.)

πŸ“Œ Urban self-employed developers, photographers, filmmakers
πŸ“Œ Entrepreneurs
πŸ“Œ Artists

Afrotopia is situated at 110 Leopold Takawira, 1st Floor, Constrution House, Harare. They offer reasonable packages which are presented below:

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