Munya Chanetsa Sits Down With POPradio To Have A Very Important Conversation To Discuss His Music Business Journey, Music Business In Africa And MOTI Africa

From left: Scoop Makhatini, Ms Cosmo, Munya Chanetsa /image credit: POPradio

Munyaradzi  Chanetsa sat with POPradio presenters South African personalities Scoop Makhatini and Miss Comso to discuss his music business journey, the state of music business in Africa and his side hustle MOTI Africa. Munya Chanetsa is an A&R at Sony Africa Publishing. During the engagement with POPradio, a subsidiary of the POPCast Youtube channel, he broke down how the business of music works and what he wants to achieve with Masters of The Industry (MOTI). 

He detailed how his journey in the music industry started 2009 in Capetown starting in promotions and marketing and in 9 years rising up the ranks to Head of Operations in Africa for a digital distribution company. During the interview he further unpacks the roles of music publishing such as protecting the artists' work, getting more writing work for the artists in terms of synchronisation deals etc. Munya passionately talked about MOTI Africa an initiative which he aims to use as a tool to educate music business players to ask all the right questions and conversations on how they can protect and maximize their incomes. MOTI Africa is launching this May, 2021. 

A very important conversation for all music enthusiasts and music business players. Do check it out below: 

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