People React To Tendai Mtawarira's Comments About Why He Left Zimbabwe To Pursue A Rugby Career In South Africa

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World Rugby, an International sports federation posted an interview episode titled, "The Open Side: Tendai Mtawarira In his own words." Where the South Africa based, Zimbabwean legend Tendai "Beast" Mtawarira told raw and honest stories of his life and rugby career.

The interview set the internet ablaze last week, and became a topic of conversation among Zimbabweans on social media as they argued whether Tendai Mtawarira's comment about his personal reasons for leaving Zimbabwe to pursue a Rugby career in South Africa were sincere. 

The interviewer, Elma Kapelma says "Zimbabwean born and raised, take us through what life was like in Zim and why you had to leave" and Mtawarira responds, "Yeah I think where I came from, life was pretty tough, you know. Grew up In Harare and as you know back then the economy was basically collapsing. You know there was a lot of bad things going on. You know the land grabbing and people getting kicked off their farms. So there was a lot of commotion in the country and at the time as a young man, you know, I wanted better. I wanted success, I wanted to make it in life and my parents did their best to give me the best start in life but they didn't really have much. And I remember you know, leaving home with just a backpack with a few items of clothing and my boots and 2000 Rand, a Discman and that was it. You know I boarded that Greyhound bus to Durban with a dream, and I was prepared to die for that dream. To put it plain and simply, I was was like this is my opportunity to change my life and turn things around, to provide for my family. So I was so ready for it and I guess just going out there to prove my worth."

Below are some of the comments people made on Twitter and Facebook, in relation to Mtwawarira's comments above

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