Listen To "King" A Song By Progisthename Featuring Soko Matemai and MJ Wemoto

With another brilliant soundtrack provided by Progisthename, Soko Matemai is "coming for nothing less than a W", by delivering poignant verses over bludgeoning drums and distorted synth stabs with witty punchlines and a catchy hook provided by MJ Wemoto. 

Soko Matemai is a great lyricist and if this song doesn't convince you then, he is not trying to prove it either. "For everybody who ever doubted the skill/ Only points I’m trynna prove are decimals, for real/ I’m obsessed with binary, now I need more zeros/ Plus ndikuda kusimudza madziro/ I am just building my empire brick by brick."

On the inspiration behind the single, Progisthename says he made the beat and Soko loved it instantly. "Soko Matemai and I had connected mid-last year and always had the idea to collaborate on a song. We exchanged a few ideas that didn’t stick but it was only earlier this year that I made the instrumental for the song now known as “KING”. Soon as I made it, I knew it’d be perfect for Soko but I also wanted to send him a full idea so I hit up MJ Wemoto to lay a hook. MJ worked his magic and came up with the KING hook. I sent Soko the song - he loved it instantly and the rest as they say is history." 

The opening lines are reminiscent of Nas “10 Points” chorus, “I will be remembered as the greatest/King, made it to the top floor from the basement/King, made it with a top flow/ Your top flaw is thinking you all that/ When really you just basic"

Listen to "King" below

Mungwadzi Godwin

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