MUSE And Asaph Are Bringing That "Pressure"

Zimbabwe's hip-hop capital continues to deliver quality raps as MUSE and Asaph gave us insane lyricism and energy on their latest collaboration titled "Pressure". The track delivers prime visuals which aptly capture the sentiment of the grind, the energy of the song and the essence of luxury rap. Andy Cutta is a cut way above average with his directive work on the video and it's work so good it elevates the song. 

I'm not sure whether it's a sax, trumpet or trombone but the track's instrumental has amazing sounding horns on it. From start to finish there's a vibrant energy in it and MUSE & Asaph equally match the instrumental in vibe with their delivery. The 2 minute track actually feels too short because I wanted more when it ended. The work by the Balcony Studios on this instrumental was 10/10. 

It's a sound eerily similar to Jay Z's Roc Boys and The Hitmen & Skyz Muzik would be proud of what Balcony Studios has done on a parallel path.

Checkout the track "Pressure" below:

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