Aurah Ariko Collaborates With Tan Up For "Famba Neni" The Third Single Off "The Gift EP"

Aurah Ariko as photographed by Skkynation

Aurah Ariko is here with latest single off her upcoming EP, a sultry collaboration with TanUp. The track has strong House/Amapiano influences to it and Aurah serenades us with her scintillating vocals. There's a beautiful balance to the instrumental and vocals which makes the track an exceptional listen. The track has a calm and easy tempo as typical of most of the yanos and Aura melds together English, Shona & Ndebele lyrics to tell us a captivating story through music.

Famba Neni the title of the song translates to "Walk with me" and that's exactly what Aurah is asking for. It's a letter to a lover asking for loyalty, trust, gentleness and all the other things that come with love. The team behind the scenes like Tan-Up and Tatenda Vialy have to br commended for their production work especially the mixing & mastering by COG Beats which was stellar work.


The single dropped accompanied by visuals worthy of the songs beautiful make up. Directed by LKvisuals, the video is a kaleidoscope of bright colours and subtle story telling that captures the essence of the love song. Famba Neni comes after "Shamwari" and "Stay" which came out a while back in the build to Aurah's EP, The Gift. Stay was extremely well received as it shined a light on Gender Based Violence and Aurah was singing for the victims of abuse.

Talking about her upcoming EP, the singer based in Canada said the songs touch on real-life situations and the project has a relatable nature that leaves something for everyone.

My upcoming EP is titled the Gift and it’s really an EP that shows my diversity in the different sounds showcased. Also it’s really an EP where I tell the world who I am I love my heritage, culture, and language and I proudly want it in my music and songs.

Checkout the video for "Famba Neni" below:

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