Holy Ten Drops "Ndanzwa Nekufunga" A Special Dedication To Tamy Moyo

Holy Ten as shot by Stewart Nyamayaro

From not so direct WCW and Women's Day posts Holy Ten is leaving the subtle hints and finally shooting his shot at Tamy Moyo. After all what is a King without his Queen? The talented artist has put together an emotional and heartfelt song that expresses so much more than you would expect from 2 minutes and 21 seconds. The track name "Ndanzwa Nekufunga" basically means "I've been thinking about you a lot."

The song features a mellow tempo that sinks right into the soul as Holy Ten serenades us with clever lyricism about his dream future together with Tamy Moyo.

Image: Instagram/tamy_moyo

Holy Ten digs deep as he blends a bit IsiNdebele into his lyricism and shoutouts one of the world's most famous couples in one line where he goes, "Ndiwe Kimberley, Kanye West ndini, ngiyakuthanda lo sweety, ngiyakubona kusasa..." The artist who recently gave "Mr Holy" shows no relenting in his hit making abilities and his latest single might just see us having a new Zimbabwean music power couple.

Ndanzwa nekufunga
Ndanzwa nekukufunga
Mastatuses ako ndochecker
You're perfect hapana chinolacker
Boys rangu rati muroora wamai
And pavese apa, hapana anopenga
Pavese apa hapana ano fencer
Pavese apa hapana ano dancer

Checkout the song "Ndanzwa Nekufunga" below:

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