What Is It About Zimbabwe That Cannot Sustain Talent? - King Kandoro

King Kandoro. Image: Facebook

Mukudzei Majoni aka King Kandoro, comedian and Creative Director at Madhorofiya Republik has posed a prodigious question in his fifth installment of Properganda. What is it about Zimbabwe that can't sustain talent? King Kandoro posed such a pregnant question on his weekly/bi-weekly show Properganda. During the introductory episode of the show aired a month or two back, Kandoro mentioned that the show was named Properganda  based on Zimbabwe being a state which has been characterised by propaganda for years. Kandoro loosely added that "Zimbabwe is a nation of liars but propaganda is the more politically correct term". He further joked that the show existed to "separate the proper from the ganda". 

King Kandoro. Image: Facebook

The fifth installment of the Madhorofiya Republik produced show caught our attention. Kandoro addressed the inequities which make up the Zimbabwean Entertainment industry. He interrogated the subject potently because he is a Zimbabwean creative after all and he knew what he was talking about. In his well researched piece he unpacked an entertainment deal between the government of Zimbabwe and Universal Pictures which led to the production of the 1987 Cry Freedom motion picture. He further revealed the nature of that deal, questioned institutional frameworks in regards to support of Arts in Zimbabwe. A conversation which needed to be laid bare. Do check out the full episode of Properganda below; 

The show aims to tell the truth and to create a space for conversations that move our country forward 

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