20 Zimbabwean YouTubers You Have To Check Out

Over the past few years, advances in technology and the pandemic have elevated the amount of YouTube content we're consuming. YouTube has gone from being smartphone, iPad or laptop content to regularly featuring on our TV screens through Smart TVs and other smart devices. In the US, the views for YouTube via TV have grown to around 35% and are set to keep growing. So there's never been a better time to put up your content on YouTube.

The logo of video-sharing website YouTube is displayed on a smartphone on November 19, 2018 in Berlin, Germany.
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Currently, YouTube ranks as the world's second most visited site after Google and on average people watch more than a billion hours of video each day. The income opportunities from the platform are also ever-growing. From the 2020 statistics, the number of channels that earn $10,000 per year or more on YouTube grew by 50%, year over year and in the same period, the number of channels earning USD 100,000 per year or more grew by 40%.

Now they're several different categories of content creators who put their content on the platform but we wouldn't term them all "YouTubers". According to Wikipedia, the name "YouTuber" refers to an individual whose main or only platforms are YouTube channel(s); personalized subpages of the YouTube video sharing platform. Those creatives classified as YouTubers are also further divided into different categories such as travel, lifestyle, makeup etc. Here's a selection of our 20 favourites:

NovaBleq (Music):

Novableq runs a YouTube channel called the Nova Review which discusses and reviews music and once in a while touches on societal issues like drug abuse. It's informative and insightful and it paints a full picture of the state of Zimbabwean music while also analyzing regional and international music.


Rudo Manyere (BookTuber):

Rudo Manyere runs a channel called Basic Girl Reads which focuses on reviewing African literature. Rudo has captivating reviews and she'll open you up to new titles and new authors from the African continent.


Afronomads (Travel):

Afronomads are travel vloggers who take you around many of Zimbabwe's wonders and resort locations. They also in turn run a travel company that will book you for travel to all the beautiful locations they show off on their channel.


Aaron Shu (Disability awareness):

Aaron Shu vlogs on life, disability and faith. His channel is informative on general perspectives of people living with disabilities while offering an insight into his own life, living with a physical disability.


Tari Karemba (Make-up):

Tari Karemba is mainly a make-up vlogger with fashion and lifestyle as minor parts of her work. She discusses makeup, fashion, body positivity and trending issues once in a while.


Tariro C:

Tariro is a lifestyle vlogger with travel, lunch dates and unboxing content. Fairly new to YouTube but with content as great as anyone else.


Joseph Mahiya (Questions):

Joseph Mahiya is behind Fresh Ink TV, a channel that's on the streets of Zimbabwe asking people randomly and easy-sounding questions that can sometimes prove more difficult than they seem.


Lea without borders (American living in Zimbabwe):

Lea without borders gives us the point of view of a migrant discovering what Zimbabwe has to offer. It's fun content that puts into perspective the adjustment from America to Zimbabwe.


Meet the Smythes:

Meet the Smythes is a family YouTube account that explores lifestyle, travel, and food among other things.


Crystal Zinzile:

Crystal is a lifestyle blogger who has been at it for a long while. She features make-up, travel, food and a lot of other content.


El Kayzano (Reaction videos):

El Kayzano gives us the best reaction videos to Zimbabwean music. From hip-hop to dancehall they've got us covered.


Hope Tanaka:

Hope Tanaka is a lifestyle blogger with entertaining vlogs from her daily routine, stories of her experiences and a bit more.


Joella Mazvita:

Joella Mazvita is a lifestyle blogger with wide-ranging content. She has you covered from hair tutorials, to fashion, to makeup and all those things in between.


Miriro Moments:

Miriro Moments is a lifestyle blogger with regular vlogs on her daily life along with insights into her religious beliefs.


Nicola Kalamari:

Nicola Kalamari is a lifestyle blogger with vlog content from her daily life, mukbangs and a bit of travel.


Fadzie Chekera:

Fadzie Chekera is a lifestyle YouTuber with weekly vlogs from her daily life and travel vlogs from the places she visits.


Wadzanai Mercy:

Wadzanai Mercy is a lifestyle YouTuber with content on everything life. She widely covers issues of faith and mental health.


Sasha Nauleen:

Sasha Nauleen is a lifestyle YouTuber with vlogs from her daily including insights into her journey to becoming a permanent resident in Canada.


Mau x Piki:

Mau x Piki engages in a lot of topics in their conversation but principally I would classify them as FoodTubers. They eat out at restaurants all around Harare and they offer engaging conversation topics.


Honourable mentions:

A Millennial Girls Diary:

A Millennial Girls Diary is a career and lifestyle channel that shines a light on adjusting professionally in different environments with a focus on Canada.


Fiona Matava:

Fiona is a lifestyle YouTuber giving us content from Harare. She covers travel, shopping and other mundane activities of daily life entertainingly.


Dudu Kineiloe:

Dudu Kineiloe covers opportunities for students and delves into student life while also offering vlogs from her daily life.


I am brilliant:

I am brilliant's channel offers up fashion, beauty and lifestyle. She features vlogs on life lessons, skincare and plenty of makeup tutorials.


Mamo Baddo:
Mamo is a lifestyle YouTuber offering a Zimbabwean perspective from South Africa. She offers up beautiful content, banter and great anecdotes.


Amanda & Banele:
Amanda & Banele is the channel of two sisters who are both involved in the law and they shine a light on legal issues, constitutional rights and various other stories from Zimbabwe.


Cassandra Mapanda:
Cassandra has the channel On a journey with Cass which takes us through life with her, tackling issues like fitness, mental health and so much more.


Tatenda Henany (Tech):
Tatenda is a TechTuber with insights into our favourite websites and our favourite upcoming gadgets.


How to support a YouTuber?

•Regularly stream their content 
•Share links to their work
•Engage with their content on social media platforms 
•Sometimes don't skip the YouTube ads that are how YouTubers make money from the platform
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