Check Out The Music Video For "Shuwa" By Hope Masike Featuring ExQ

Zimbabwean Mbira sensation, Hope Masike joined hands with Mr. Putiti himself, ExQ on a new song and accompanying music video titled Shuwa to deliver a message of hope, and the importance of human rights for all. Shuwa means sure or true in English. 

ExQ's verse features the lyrics "Iwe neni tine kodzero, ngati rwire yedu kodzero, even zvitendero zvedu zvakasiyana, we need to work as one people" and are told from the perspective of a person encouraging unity and diversity within all Zimbabwean communities. 

"Do enjoy and share for awareness." said ExQ about the song. "Very emotional, great storytelling of societal ills and mostly conscientize each and every one of us to uphold our human rights. We need to work as one people! Be our brother and our sister’s keeper." He continued.

Shuwa was produced and mixed by Andrew Baird of Orangotang Music. The music video, directed by Kalai Barlow, explores the lyrical theme through the perspective of a young woman (potrayed by Gamuchirai Mukwakwami), who escapes from her abusive husband (Eddie Sandifolo) and gets support from her local community.

Check out the video below. The song and video production was sponsored by EU Delegation to Zimbabwe

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