Ashler "The Mixologist" Jaya Collaborates With 1966: Artisanal Rum Punch

Ashler "The Mixologist" Jaya has collaborated with 1966, an artisanal rum punch. The collaboration sees Ashler producing a digital cocktail recipe book and offering a virtual mixology course. Both are exclusively available to supporters of the Kickstarter campaign by 1966, which is raising $20,000 for the initial launch of the rum with several hundred cases. 1966 is an artisanal bajan rum punch born in Barbados, proudly made in Africa. Made with South African rum, cane sugar, citrus, bitters, & spices.


Ashler's collaboration with 1966 comes as the second collaboration in recent weeks between Zimbabwean women and luxury liquor brands after Kim Jayde's Collaboration With Hennessy on their Spirit of the NBA campaign. For each donation made on Kickstarter to 1966 certain rewards will be unlocked:

The Kickstarter campaign by 1966 has since surpassed the goal of $20,000 and is targeting a stretch goal of $30,000. The rum is set for launch in South Africa on 1 November and it'll be available for export in Southern Africa soon after that.

Ashler continues to be at the lead of Zimbabwe's cocktail industry. Hailed by Zimbabwe's biggest daily newspaper as "The beverage whisperer", she's now easily one of the most recognisable entrepreneurs around. And she's not only sought after for her drinks service but her kitchen skills which are often low-key viral on social media. She was also recently featured on GQ's South African site as one of the 10 Zimbabwean creatives everyone should know.
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