Chido Nyaruwata & Lynette Gonga Among Several Zimbabweans Shortlisted In The Earthbeat Challenge

Young filmmakers across the world were challenged by Earthbeat to submit 3-minute long films showcasing their efforts or educating others on how to protect nature and the climate. The Earthbeat Challenge, was open to young people aged 14-30 and it was looking for video stories that feature participants tackling the climate crisis; working to protect and restore biodiversity and ecosystems in rural or urban areas; or protecting and restoring land and soil and the life it supports.

The winning videos are set to be screened in front of an international audience at COP26. And among the shortlist of 30 videos just released by Earthbeat across 3 categories, 4 young Zimbabweans have been nominated. Chido Nyaruwata, Lynette Gonga, Emmanuel Manyati and Natalie respectively are shortlisted across the 3 categories earning Zimbabwe the title of the most represented country. The categories featured are:

Protecting and Restoring Ecosystems; looking at how biodiversity and healthy ecosystems have a vital role to play in tackling climate change and in ensuring human health, well-being and security.

The Challenge of Climate Change; explaining how action is urgently needed to keep increases to global temperature below 1.5C, the safe upper limit, and restore the planet's ecosystems that have been degraded or destroyed.

Protecting and Restoring Land; demonstrating how land is key to tackling climate change, protecting biodiversity, conserving ecosystems and growing the food we eat and the fibre for our clothes. Healthy land is needed to support the trees, vegetation, micro-organisms, animals and people living on it.

Commenting on being shortlisted, Chido Nyaruwata wrote:

My film focuses on improving food security and waste management in Harare, Zimbabwe. It’s my first time doing film work and I’m happy it’s gone so far! 
The competition rules are one view = one vote. So once you’ve watched, share it to friends family and anyone you want!

Watch the 3-minute films by young Zimbabwean filmakers below:

Chido Nyaruwata 

Lynette Gonga

Emmanuel Manyati



The Earthbeat project is being developed by Youth4Planet, a non-profit organisation with offices in Luxembourg, Germany, the USA and India. In a world where there are now more than three billion smartphone users, we want to help young people develop their storytelling and journalistic skills so that they can develop and realise their ideas for a sustainable futures.

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