Gemma Griffiths Drops Maita Basa Baba Music Video

Gemma Griffiths is here with her latest track and another collaboration with Chillspot Recordz and Dj Fantan & Levels. The song "Maita Basa Baba" brings to mind Gemma's smash hit "Titungamire" from 2 years ago. They have a matched subdued sound but they're both elevated by Gemma's vocal performance. There's a certain simplicity to Gemma's lyricism but the way she performs makes the music mesmerising. "Maita Basa Baba" is a part of Chillspot Recordz' Matenga NaGudo Riddim which dropped a fortnight ago.

Gemma Griffiths Drops Maita Basa Baba Music Video

Speaking on the song, Gemma wrote:

A big thank you to Levels and Fantan for their input on this track. Thank you for the time and energy you have put into Chillspot - you have given so much to Zimbabwe's music industry and to my journey. 
A huge thank you to Enzo Ishall - for the love and wisdom you poured into this track. I am so grateful for your words, and to work alongside you. 

Matenga NaGudo is a phrase in the Shona language which was used to refer to trading goods long ago. The riddim was released with 29 tracks and some of the notable artists on it are Dobba Don, Shashl, Terry Afrika, Daruler and Uncle Epatan. Chillspot Recordz collaborated with Scarfmore Records on Matenga NaGudo and the two have worked together before on past projects.

Gemma Griffiths Drops Maita Basa Baba Music Video

"Maita Basa Baba" has beautiful and apt visuals which capture the feeling of the song. The video features shots of the Mbare flats, a few moments of Fantan, Levels & Gemma singing together and picturesque shots of Gemma in a secluded woodland. The visuals have a sort of retro theme to them and it's beautiful work from Jono Skinner, Kmane and Cheezy Edits. Altogether it's easy to see why this song is already a trend on TikTok.

Checkout the video for "Maita Basa Baba" below:

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