Here Are The Visuals For Nadia Nakai's Kreatures Featuring Kwesta & Sio

Nadia Nakai has gifted us with the visuals for "Kreatures", the latest single off her last album Nadia Naked (The deluxe version). The track features Kwesta & Sio and what a masterpiece it is. Nadia has us hooked right from the opening bar with, "Open your eyes, the album is Naked but that doesn't mean imma open my thighs." And from there she never lets off, the entire song is sprinkled with multiple quotables from her like, "Even in the rain you will still see my flames."

The two verses from Nadia Nakai are a testament to not only her longevity in the hiphop genre but her status as the Queen of South African hiphop. Sio deliver a phenomenal performance on the chorus and it's the glue that binds this beautiful song together. Kwesta is himself as usual, with his unmistakable hoarse voice and subtle bars. "When you die they'll need new kids, when I die they'll need new Kings," was one of the standout lyrics from the rappers verse.

The visuals for "Kreatures" are ridiculously good, the cinematography and the transitions simply elavate the music and Nadia Nakai has truly put in the work with all the music from Nadia Naked. This has to be one of the best album rollouts I've ever seen. Nadia Naked dropped in 2019 and in 2020 came Nadia Naked II the deluxe version of the album and singles have kept coming strategically. And the music itself is aging like fine wine, 2 years on and it's still as good as the day it dropped.

Checkout the video for "Kreatures" below:

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