Tinashe Makura Drops The Latest Single "Clear Water"

Tinashe Makura is here with his latest single, a track called "Clear water". The song is vibrant, upbeat and it feels like that welcome cool summer breeze on a hot day. Although Makura typically does tracks in the Afro-pop genre, "Clear water" seems to have different influences. It has a sound more typical of electro house but Makura still executes it perfectly. It's a song with not only great lyricism but a great vocal performance from Makura.

You are pure like clear water
Flowing through my veins
And, oh you are the song
That takes me through the times life feels wrong

Tinashe Makura is an Afro-pop musician from Zimbabwe. He career as a musician began when he moved to Malaysia. His interest in music began with a conversation while expressing his love for Africa and the desire associated with being away from home. While in Malaysia, he performed at festivals, F1 shows and for an audience of the royal family. He also released his debut album Hello while in that country.

He has since returned home and released did a duet on ‘Zvekupenga’ with Chashe Musarurwa McTaggart, a UK-based Afro-pop female musician. His other songs are ‘Ngatingodanana’, ‘KooVha’ and many many more. He has also performed for the Sultan of Malaysia and was afforded the opportunity to perform at the opening of the Malaysia Grand Prix.

Checkout the single "Clear water" below:

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