Top 2 Countries With The Best Dressed Men In Africa


Nigerian male celebrities and socialites are some of the best-dressed men on the continent. One may ask what my definition of best dressed is. Best dressed to me I'm looking at the style of dressing, good taste and the willingness to try different looks that will separate you from everyone else that is following trends that are all over Instagram. Wizkid has managed to do that with his styling by trying out different colours and unique fabrics. We also have Noble Igwe (Instagram: Noble_Igwe) 
If you want to learn how to style your silk scarf and how to wear African fabric in a stylish way that will have people complimenting your unique look follow Noble Igwe and copy from the best, at the end of the day there's nothing wrong with learning from those doing it right. 

The second country with the best-dressed men in Africa will be the Democratic Republic of Congo land of the Sapeurs, Sapuers in French means 'Société des Ambianceurs et Des personnnes élégantes ' society of ambience makers and elegant people. Sape is a French slang word that means clothes. Fally Ipupa [above image]  is a well known Congolese Singer and songwriter. Congolese are well known for trying out different hairstyles and fashion styling that is unique and different from what will be trending in the fashion streets. 

What is your top 2? 
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