Arcane Delivers On Waibata

Arcane Image: provided by artist

 Arcane, a spoken word artist and emcee from Harare has served an unexpecting audience with a intense rap release in the form of Waibata. The song, whose title is Shona slang for ‘you get/understand it?’ sees Arcane artistically navigate through duality with much of his two verses and the chorus going back and forth between the Shona chants “ayehwa” which translates to “no” and “eheka” which is an exclamation of agreement with clever wordplay & a strong delivery.

Arcane Image: provided by artist

The song released late November was produced by VI the Law, was repackaged for Arcane’s forthcoming ‘Trident’ EP.  The song was initially released under VI the Law’s ‘The VI League Volume 5’ compilation mixtape in 2020. The official music video was shot in Harare & co-directed by Arcane and Magna Shoca of Black Phantom Films with assistance from Bruce the Plug. Digest the official music video below and let us know what you think:

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