Rumbie Muzofa Named "A Star To Watch" As Her Film "Evelyne" Premières At The Whistler Film Festival

Rumbie Muzofa as shot by Natalie Field

Rumbie Muzofa has been honoured as one of the stars to watch at this year's Whistler Film Festival set to begin today. Presented by the Union of British Columbia Performers, the actor was honoured for her role as Evelyne in the movie by the same name. The movie follows the journey of Evelyne, a recent emigree from Africa, coping with the challenges of trying to survive in her new country. 

The film is also set to make its world premiere at the Whistler Film Festival. In a social media post Muzofa wrote:

Super excited for the World Premiere of ‘Evelyne’ at the Whistler Film Festival. I produced this docu-style movie with my mentor and friend Carl Bessai, a well renowned Canadian director, producer and screenwriter! This was also filmed successfully during the onset of the pandemic and to see it ‘come alive’ against all odds is a blessing. 

The Whistler Film Festival was founded in 2001 with the intention to create opportunities for new and original voices to be heard in independent film, to put Whistler on the map as a cultural destination and to promote British Columbia’s burgeoning film industry. The festival has not changed in terms of its purpose, but it has grown way beyond ever imagined in terms of its size, scope and scale.

Renowned as ‘Canada’s coolest film festival’ and recognized by media as ‘one of Canada’s best film festivals’, ‘one of 10 amazing film festivals worth travelling to in North America’, and ‘one of the top seven film festivals in the world to attend’, WFF has become one of the Canadian film industry’s liveliest gatherings and one of Whistler’s signature cultural events.

The 21st edition of the Whistler Film Festival running throughout December will be presented as a hybrid online and in-person event to connect audiences, filmmakers, and industry with the films we love, industry insights we need and the human connection that we crave. Events include film premieres, industry summits, talent programs, parties and special guest appearances by actors and directors.

Rumbie Muzofa is a Zimbabwean born actress who settled in Vancouver with her family in 2017. She grew up in Zimbabwe, Botswana and later South Africa where she began her creative life in the Fashion Industry. South African Fashion selected Rumbie as one of five up-and-coming designers from across the African continent to showcase her own fashion line, completely inspired by Marvel's iconic Avengers characters. This was in celebration of 2015's release of Avengers: Age of Ultron. 

Inspired by this noteworthy achievement, Rumbie set her sights on some new creative goals which include Acting, Producing and Directing for Film and Television. She successfully graduated from Vancouver Academy of Dramatic Arts with a Diploma in Dramatic Arts, and distinguished herself by winning the final grand prize for an outstanding monologue performance, that left the audience in tears. She has since landed various lead and supporting roles. One defining moment in her career was being cast on the CBC web series 'Ashbridge' which was produced and directed by Carl Bessai who later became her mentor. This opportunity has now broadened Rumbie's skills across a broad range of disciplines from producing, writing and acting.

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