25 Standout Tracks From The Year 2021

The 25 Standout Tracks listing is a list composed on factors that go beyond commercial success and popularity. It's a list that seeks to introduce you to new music that was great in its quality and it also shines a light on those songs that performed greatly in 2021. If you have a song you feel deserved to be here then feel free to share, it could help someone discover new music. Here is our list:

25 - Dzebedu x Garry Mapanzure ft Andy Muridzo 

Dzebedu was one of the songs of the year based on purely how much enjoyment it brought. It wasn't highly requested or streamed but it was regularly on our playlist.

24 - Kujata-jata x D.T Bio Mudimba

Kujata-jata is a sungura track sang in Shona & Tonga which talks about social issues and is mainly centred around charms that bring misfortune. It's not part of the urban sound but in 2021 there was almost no escaping this song if you moved around.

23 - Pressure x MUSE ft Asaph

Pressure was one the hardest tracks to be dropped from the hip-hop capital. It didn't dominate the airwaves but the floor and delivery made it stand out.

22 - No Hesitation x MVM

No Hesitation was the debut single of the neo-soul/electronic duo MVM. It blended different elements together beautifully and it was simply enchanting for lack of better words.

21 - Never Know x Starring The Starless

Never Know stood out in it's genre and Starring's artistry. It's a hard sound to make it in the Zim market but Starring might have what it takes for it.

20 - Ekhaya x Pauline Njini

Pauline Njini was one the shining stars in 2021 and all her tracks delivered beautiful music. Ekhaya was no different and it was popular too on radio.

19 - Van Choga (remix) x VI The Law ft Chief Chino, Kuda K, Soko Matemai, Myneim, Reap3r

Van Choga (remix) brought together one of best casts currently in Zimhiphop. It was dedicated to one of 2021's biggest loses in Dodger and it delivered bars.

18 - Stay With Me x Nox ft Dj Tira

The African Royalty album saw the reemergence of Nox as he rose to Urban Grooves era levels of popularity again. Stay with me was still in the shadow of his collaboration with Master KG but it was a great song nonetheless.

17 - Maita Basa Baba x Gemma Griffiths 

Maita Basa Baba was properly the standout performer from the Matenga naGudo Riddim from Chillspot Recordz. Gemma again seamlessly switched from Afro-pop to Zimdancehall and the song was a favourite.

16 - Show Me Love x Garry Mapanzure

The African Sushi gave us another phenomenal Afro-pop track to listen to on Show Me Love. It was another hit on radio.

15 - Queendom x Joy Rukanza

Queendom was dropped by Joy Rukanza in the later parts of the year and wha a tune it is. It debuted on 5 Apple playlists and showcased how Joy Rukanza is a force to reckon with in the music industry.

14 - Che Che Che x Drealnova 

In 2021, Drealnova dropped a project titled Novacane and its possibly one of the most underrated projects to come out of the year. Che Che Che was my favourite listen from the project and worthy of any playlist.

13 - Mudhipisi x Tanto Wavie

The year 2021 was certainly the year of Tanto Wavie. He dropped arguably one of the best albums of the year and his track Mudhipisi was a hit. He continued to lift the flag of Trap-Su(ngura) higher.

12 - Fake Friends x Natasha Muz 

Fake Friends was sang on the Nash TV Riddim 5 and it saw Natasha Muz outshine everyone else.

11 - Ehe x Enzo Ishall

Enzo Ishall dropped Ehe at a turbulent period in his year. It was at that time his last song before retiring and that made it sound even more poignant. It showcased a maturity in Enzo's art and a versatility in his delivery.

10 - Murder x Jah Prayzah

Murder was one of the star offerings from Jah Prayzah's tenth album, Gwara. It continued to showcase Jah Prayzah's brilliance and it was highly streamed and requested.

9 - Screenshot x Roki ft Mr Brown & Leon Lee

Screenshot was dropped a while after Patati Patata and with it the controvesy of the Koffi collaboration was quickly forgotten. The amapiano song couldn't have been made better.

8 - Ngeke Bangimele x AWA Khiwe ft Ghananian Stallion

2021 saw AWA Khiwe make the world fall in love with Ndebele Rap. The collaboration with Ghanaian Stallion was instantly a hit and AWA performed it on international festival stages.

7 - Wakatuka Amai x Holy Ten

Wakatuka Amai was one of the stand out tracks on Holy Ten's highly anticipated album, Risky Life. It quickly captured hearts with it's poignant subject matter and it was highly requested on the radio.

6 - Patati Patata x Roki ft Koffi Olomide & Rayvanny 

Patati Patata had the most streamed video to drop from a Zimbabwean artist in 2021. It caused a stir when it dropped but powered through the controvesy through international star power and Zimbabwe's love for Rhumba.

5 - Pombi x Freeman

Freeman's Pombi was one of best tracks to come out of Zimdancehall in 2021. It was a radio favourite and the video quickly racked up the views.

4 - Hamen Hlebanna x Mambo Dhuterere ft Zolasko

Mambo Dhuterere's collaboration with Zolasko was simply magically. They had great energy on the song and although a gospel song it was universally enjoyed.

3 - Handipere Power x Nutty O

Nutty O's debut album delivered hits and none were bigger than "Handipere power". It was an instant fan favourite and many had it as their song of the year.

2 - Ndichafa rinhiko x Soul Jah Love

The first posthumous release from Soul Jah Love's catalogue was a touching and sad story. It was really the anthem for such a poignant moment in the year, for the loss to the music industry and the burden of everyday life.

1 - Juzi x Kae Chaps

2021 was such a long year that it almost felt like Juzi came out in 2020, but without a doubt it stood out for us. It was a track that captured everyone because the lyrics told a story everyone knew from experience.

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