Takura Back With Haarore

Track artwork Image: Twitter

The Shona Prince is back with another banging delivery titled Haarore. Haarore is a shona word which can be loosely translated to 'He wont marry'. Takura and his team have been teasing the release of this track for a couple of weeks. The track was mainly promoted on Tik Tok and Instagram in short clip format. The interest amongst Takura's fans to participate in the promo is evidence of an excellent production the song is. 

Eventually the track was dropped on the 24th of January 2022 accompanied by clean visuals directed by Umsebenzi ka Blaqs. It's a refreshing feeling to see Takura and Blaqs back working together. Their last collaboration was in 2018 on Mungandidii visuals. The storyline for Haarore is simple and reflective of multiple relationship dynamics. A girl in love, a disgruntled mother. Blaqs presented the storyline in the best way possible. Check out the song below; 


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Gerald Muchandiona

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