Voltz JT Addresses Holy Ten And Hints At An Upcoming Album On His Latest Track "Muchiround"

It seems that after initially saying Holy Ten would be beefing on his own, Voltz JT has finally replied to the shots Holy Ten took at him on Zviri Pa2. In reference to Voltz on one bar on the song, Holy went, "I stopped hanging out nanhingi because anga akundipfekera painful, usandipfekere painful kana uchirwadziwa chingondiudza..." which insinuated that he stopped hanging out with Voltz because Voltz was hating on him.

Voltz responded to this with a flurry of tweets, including one that read, "Kasi hatichazi mafriends?" asking if they were no longer friends. Holy Ten in a tweet insinuated that Voltz started this way before their collaboration together on a song titled "Nyaya Dzemari".

The two went on to exchange a few more tweets with Voltz being critical of the language Holy Ten used in reference to the girl child on his song but the war of words had seemingly gone quiet. Voltz has tweeted what looked like subs at Ten but it looks like now he's finally firmly addressing the situation. Muchiround has an uptempo beat with high energy which we've come to expect from Voltz although his cadence on the song this time around is extremely calm.

Voltz JT Addresses Holy Ten And Hints At An Upcoming Album On His Latest Track "Muchiround"

It feels like Voltz is here to give a lecture and we're here listening. One of the very first bars of the song goes, "Inini I lost people then I started hanging out nevanhu vanew one, then vakazotanga kuita maskiri manew one but haisi pressure ndovasiya vachirwa hondo varipa phone." This seems to tie in how Holy Ten changed up from being a friend to Voltz to dissing him on a track and then the war of words that followed on social media. The track features subliminal bars throughout and so much goes over you during the first listen that you have to come back to it.

"Vada kutipedza by force, cause patakapinda takapinda by force, they act as if isusu tikahwina vaita loss" is followed by "They act as if isusu patakapinda havasirivo vaititsvaga vachizviita tumabesty turi close and stuff". A lot of the story being told is below the surface and if you don't know a bit of the story between these two, you'll miss a lot of the meaning. 

One of the clearest shots Voltz takes is when he talks about upgrading from having more than just one flow Holy Ten having one style of flow has been part of social media discourse in recent weeks and Maskiri also hinted at the same on his track Hamusikutiziva. "Handichaite zvemalink asina basa ndakulinker nemabhiridha mag's andipedza love, tabuda muchiround vachandivakira zidheni rine mafloors, mafloors akawanda kupfura one."

We clearly have rap beef on our hands and this looks set to be more entertaining than the show Enzo and Holy Ten put on not too long ago. Voltz in his last verse hinted at an upcoming album and it's one surely to make waves in the hip-hop space. Holy Ten has seemingly already hinted at an upcoming reply to this track, as he posted a video on his Instagram that asked, "Murikumbotembeyi?"

Mabasa haasikubatika patown
Time yavawandira
Yekutsvaga kuti mukomana ari papi
Batika muchiround
Unondiwana ukangobatika muchiround
Uchaexplainer zvawaitaura tapaground

Muchiround was produced by Jax DaBeatBully and the visuals were directed by Leoy V.

Checkout the video for "Muchiround" below:


  1. This ain't news, it basically just looks like y'all promoting Voltz JT's muchiround track lol

  2. Voltz JT is way too great talking about aggression l like the way he stays calm. The track Jamba Manumber is wow

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