AFCON 2022: The Latest Theories & Predictions

AFCON 2022 is now well and truly underway, and there is certainly no shortage of predictions as for who's going to take the title. 

This year has been incredible so far, and as things stand now, every team that has managed to make it up to this point stands a chance at winning.

Of course, there are a few favourites amongst the ranks, but unlike most former years, there is no seemingly obvious winner. 

In this article, we will be talking about the latest theories and predictions about who is going to win AFCON 2022, as well as going through some of the top teams that many believe look the most promising. 

Senegal To Claim Their First Ever Win

One of the most popular predictions that seems to be making its way around  to fans everywhere is that Senegal is going to go on to claim their first AFCON victory ever this year. 

At first, this theory may sound a little contradictory. If Senegal have never managed to take the title before, what’s to say they will this time? 

Well, that is a very good question. 

Senegal has been playing exceptionally so far in the cup, and there are few teams out there that are looking to be their match.

In addition to this, they also have an incredibly solid team with more than just a few world-class players, and many people cite this as being their best lineup ever. 

To give evidence to all of the aforementioned points, Senegal is expected to win their upcoming match against Cape Verde - something that would be by no means a small feat. 

This prediction is certainly one that has some weight, and if Senegal do manage to get past Cape Verde, they will be well on their way to victory.

Algeria May Try and Hold on To Their Title

Joining Senegal at the top of the betting odds on 10bet Ghana is Algeria, with an astronomical number of people believing that they are going to be able to defend their title. 

Even former Super Eagles striker Emmanuel Amuneke states that Algeria is likely to win the competition, and a prediction from a legend like this is not something that should be taken lightly. 

There are many reasons why people believe Algeria may be able to hold on to their title. However, compared to Senegal, these assumptions may be somewhat unfounded. 

If we take a look at Algeria’s performance in the competition so far, things are not looking too promising. 

That’s not to say they have been underperforming in any means. Although, compared to other teams, they appear to be somewhat lacking.

In reality, the most likely reason why most people have chosen to bet on Algeria is simply because of the fact that they are last year's victors - something which does wonders for the confidence of betters.  

The Toughest Year Yet 

As things stand now, nobody truly knows who the future victor is going to be. 

It’s all well and good speculating and making predictions, and there's certainly some fun to be had in doing so. 

However, it is important to remember that predictions are just that - predictions. 

Sure, there may be some teams that have better odds than others, and if you were to check out the poles on a site like 10bet Zambia  you would almost be overwhelmed with a sense of certainty as to who's going to win. 

AFCON 2022 is a competition that is oozing with talent, and there is no doubt that any of the teams who are currently in the competition could take the title.

If you have been following AFCON 2022 since the start, then you likely already know that this is the case. 

The qualifying rounds that preceded the competition were known for being incredibly competitive this year, and even teams which most thought were amongst the best managed to get wiped out right from the off-set. 

As for the remaining teams that managed to make it through, there is no debating that they had to give it their all just to survive, and it seems as though everyone has kept this competitive edge with them as they make it through AFCON.

So, who is your favourite to win AFCON 2022? 

There are a ton of choices that would be more than deserving of said honour, and in reality, all teams involved have worked harder than anyone could have expected. 

We can't wait to see how the rest of AFCON 2022 plays out. 

Have fun. 

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