Fire Emoji By Leo Magozz, Bling4 and Brian Jeck Alights Zimbabwe Hip-Hop's New Crop Of Talent

The genre of hip-hop in Zimbabwe has been characterized by erratic developments in its quest to find footing in a tough landscape. Each year has had fair shares of drama – the staged beef, rhetoric kingship debate, and severe criticism from all ends in the music industry. What has remained consistent in the last few years is the fact that the game has given fans a new star, time and again. As if affirming the aforementioned sentiment Leo Magozz echoes “tomorrow is a mystery” in the intro of the song in focus. The song seems to be the run-away hit of 2022. 

Hip-hop as a musical outlet has been observed to be very dynamic. The sonic aspect evolves in the blink of an eye. Drill has been the latest facet worldwide with origins, typically, entrenched in the US, southern Chicago in the late 2010s. Ten years later the sub-genre has amassed popularity in urban culture. Hip-hop in Zimbabwe is love-struck with the 808 drums which have churned top performing tracks and given the fans a lifeline of hope. 

Like the sun rising from the east, it has become a fact that Fire Emoji has disrupted the hip-hop scene in the local industry. Everyone has come to terms with the unsettling reality that yes, the game is not about two or three artists and the blurred lines of success have indeed been made bold for a whole class of rappers who are still stuck in obscurity. It reminds the writer of the biblical burning bush. The Fire Emoji ascertains fair play and fair rewards for fairly undeniable good music. 

But who are these culprits? The role played by music video Director, Leoy V on the contemporary scene cannot be ignored when it comes to video production. It now looks as if the videographer, has nothing else and nowhere else to be than behind the lenses of his HDs. Fire Emoji is the latest of his touch which has lived up to the top billing. A revolutionary comrade! Perhaps it's Leo season as the impeccable vocals that raised the flame in this fire belong to Leo Magozz who easily takes home man of the match was it a football game. The mellifluous hook is like a relief to those who prefer it softer on the ear as the drill is oft-rough in its basic impression. There's more to his talent than this breakaway hit. You can get more from the songs like Story where he gives us an exclusive solo to his soothing melody.

Brian Jeck is a seasoned chanter who rose to fame with his EP ZimDrill King asserting his unapologetic love and knowledge of the street realities. The Chegutu-based artist has so far made strides in the music circles getting a few shows and lately, it has been tipped that he is going to 'wrestle' with Voltz JT in a collaboration where they want to prove who the actual Drill king is. Voltz JT has confirmed. Brian Jeck is also a producer and his verse in Fire Emoji has already created hunger amongst the music lovers. More so, Bling4 a rapper who is truly gifted with storytelling prowess made the first verse in Fire Emoji. There have been rumors that he is now linked to Samanyanga Sounds, a stable under the self-styled leader of the youth Holy Ten and it could be plausible to have rappers giving each other props in a dog eat dog culture of hip hop. Bling4 has been consistent with singles and videos which have routinely earned him decent followership. Songs like Tinashe Mugabe symbolize his ability to rap the stories of modern Zimbabwe. 

As the trio collects their bank cheques at the moment, there is, always more space to navigate and Fire Emoji is just the beginning. The social media streets have endorsed the hit. But when the fire finally burns out and there's no more clicking that emoji, history like a hurting ex-lover can never forget. Or rather can one ever forget the day they walked out of a prison? Leo Magozz, Bling4 & Brian Jeck probably have escaped the prison walls of underground artists. 

However, it has also been noted that other rappers and critics actually think the verses on Fire Emoji could be better. Who knows? Everything could be what is not. That's music. Worse, art. The criticism is welcome and in most cases surprisingly true. 

Fire Emoji - Leo Magozz, Bling4 and Brian Jeck Zimbabwe Hip Hop

Fire Emoji is not just a hit song. It is a fire alarm that at any point (though the terrain seems to favor Harare) and at the most unexpected time, new school rappers are defying odds. The perennial plants of new talent need to be watered by many and many more collaborations to further the growth of this beloved genre. Well, Hip-hop in the face of a groping contingency has still, a long way to go and at this point, in time those who have had the privilege to keenly follow the developments can attest to the fact that it is one of the fastest-growing music industries in Zimbabwe.

Check out the song and video below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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