Al Jazeera Visits Nomaliso and Kuda BegottenSun Musasiwa's Fresh Farm In This 10 Minute Documentary

A documentary on tech entrepreneur and farmer Nomaliso Musasiwa titled Fresh Farm by Al Jazeera explores this creative commercial response to Zimbabwe’s food insecurity. Nomaliso Musasiwa does not believe in waiting for the government to fix problems, so she is tackling Zimbabwe’s food challenges directly.

Nomaliso Musasiwa

Nomaliso Musasiwa alongside her husband Kuda popularly known as BegottenSun runs a fresh food tech company, connecting small farmers to online clients – from locals looking for fresh, affordable food, to diaspora Zimbabweans who want to support relatives back home.

The documentary was produced by Rumbi Katedza - a multi-award-winning Zimbabwean director and writer with a range of fiction and documentary experience. She recently worked on Oprah Winfrey & Prince Harry's Apple TV Docuseries

Check out Fresh Farm: A farmer and businesswoman in Zimbabwe below

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