“On Your Marks” as R Peels and Kayflow Exchange The Baton Stick In New EP MuRace. #ZIMHIPHOP

Following a pretty lengthy spell, popular and controversial rapper R Peels is set to release Murace EP with Kayflow. The four-tracked collaborative EP coming to life on the 21st of May warms up R Peels’ perennial album releases. His has been an admirable and perplexing work ethic as these projects are usually sandwiched by singles throughout the year.

Until this announcement, the rapper had only made news for argy-bargy social media posts earlier this year, unsurprisingly. 2022 has been somewhat of a lukewarm start for the popular artist who never tired spoiling his fans, time and again, with soul-southing raps. Perhaps the modus operandi has changed. His rap arsenal has never run out. 

Meanwhile, Kayflow is geared up and already touted as one of the most talented rappers on the come-up. Hailing in the Midlands, Gweru, Kayflow has so far impressed on BP, Muround (all features with VoltageRaps), and several freestyle recordings. The combination looks exciting as the rappers are footing on contrasting fortunes but zeal. R Peels has amassed decent success in the last few years and climaxed with Best Hip Hop artist of 2020. Most significantly, a foreign-based organization supporting youths in the creative arts bestowed their faith in the rapper’s ability and silk merchandise has proved to be the cutting edge in attaining commercial viability.

Things have however taken a dramatic turn as the country is witnessing a blitzkrieg of hip hop gems. Like Kayflow. Now or then, a new kid is spitting and there are no birth control pills to hip hop’s bearing. In such circumstances, an ever-buoyant R Peels is out to protect territory whilst Kayflow bites the lower lip for a breakthrough. The former expressed on Twitter that he always dreamt of working with the country’s top talents. He is living up to the word. The EP extends R Peels’ romance with Jax DaBeat Bully who is currently one of the most sought-after producers on land. 

The city-to-city race is not only divine for the two artists but emblematic of hip-hop culture. How inspiring can it become seeing seasoned runners exchanging baton sticks with hopeful youngsters? R Peels has already hinted at the near completion of 2017’s ZviriEvaBeautiful sequel which will drop in the summer. The race is on!
(See cover for EP details)  

R Peels and Kayflow MuRace EP

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