Watch Out: Zimbabwe's 1st Sci-Fi Movie "The Signal" Is here

After releasing the trailer on Friday the 13th of May 2022, Zimbabwean Actor and Filmmaker Daniel Lasker announced July 22 and 23 as the movie release date of The Signal - Zimbabwe's 1st Sci-Fi Movie.

The Signal is set to premiere in Bulawayo on July 22 and 23 2022, at the Zimbabwe Academy of Music. Tickets are now on sale at Middy's Coffee Shop located at 129 Josiah Tongogara Road, Bulawayo.

Friday the 22nd of July is the VIP Red Carpet Premiere with cast and filmmakers in attendance to interact with the audience in a Question and Answer session. 

Saturday, July 23 will be the second premiere day, with three screenings of the movie to the public.

The Signal is a 20-minute Ndebele short film with English Subtitles starring Tawanda Denga, Dumie Manyathela, and Natasha Dlamini filmed on location in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.

How To Watch The Signal Zimbabwe Sci-Fi Movie

Daniel kicked the project's rollout plan back in May 2022 by announcing the film on his social media pages."...It’s an honour to be able to create and tell unique stories in my home country, with Zimbabwean Actors and Crew." said Daniel Lasker in a statement.

To add to the hype, The trailer was released on Friday the 13th, the most unlucky day on the calendar according to a superstition that dates back to the middle ages, where weddings were not held on Friday and people never travelled on a Friday. 

Hollywood filmmakers have since commercialized this superstition by releasing twelve Friday the 13th horror films. "Trailer drops this Friday 13th of May!" wrote Daniel Lasker on Instagram about the short film composed of a very small team of crew and cast. "Shoutout to our small, talented, and hardworking team that brought this project to life," he said.

The Signal is Zimbabwe's first-ever Ndebele Sci-fi film whose synopsis reads; "A deadly sound transmitted from space known as "The Signal", corrupts the minds of all who hear it, turning them into soulless Demons under its control."

The movie's full credits are as follows:

Directed and Filmed by Daniel Lasker
Produced and Edited by Daniel Lasker and Arthur Falko
Written by Oscar K. Reyes
Music Composed by Daniel Vega

1st AD: Nigel Ndlovu
Lighting Gaffer: Rodney Mabaleka
Sound Recorder: Zuwii Moyo

Check out the trailer below

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