Amapiano duo TxC disputes the claim that they got arrested In Zimbabwe

Following social media news that Tarynn Francis and Clairise Hefke professionally known as TXC were arrested in Zimbabwe over the weekend, the South Africa-based Amapiano Dj duo has denied the claims and called the reports "unfounded."


In a statement shared on Instagram, TxC said they were "practically held at ransom" by the promoter, Rimo Jackson and his associates. "We confirm that at no point were we arrested as reported by some tabloid social media outlets but held against our will by the promoter and his associates. We voluntarily went to the police station to give a statement, and after we went back to our hotel as we had an early flight back to South Africa."

In widely circulated vague social media reports, it was alleged that TxC had been arrested in Harare on Friday 12 August for breaching an October 2021 Kariba, Zimbabwe performance contract. However, TxC was compelled to issue a statement explaining what led to the "unfortunate state of events." as per the excerpts below.

"In September 2021, TxC was contacted by a Zimbabwe-based promoter, Mr. Rimo Jackson, requesting an appearance by TxC in Zimbabwe for an exclusive and private event with "Very Important Personalities." Sadly, what later transpired led to an unfortunate state of events which made us feel unsafe and insecure due to a failure to deliver as contracted with the said promoter." Reads the statement. "Once at the venue, it further transpired that our services had been engaged under false pretences as the nature of the event was misrepresented. Furthermore, the promoter did not have a structure for the event and did not act professionally. The lack of proper security, a finalized itinerary as agreed between the parties and failure of the promoter to execute the contract as agreed goes against fair ethical principles and everything we stand for."

"Txc was fortunate to once again be requested to appear at the Yoyo World Fest in Harare on the 12th of August 2022, to which the invitation we honoured however before appearing at the Yoyo fest, the promoter in question came to our hotel accompanied by a mod to demand re-payment of what he termed "wasted costs" at the October 2021 event, amounting to more than R500 000; notwithstanding that the promoter had committed to paying an amount of only R40 000 a day of the event."

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