Baby Prince Is A Zimbabwe Rapper Taking Over Australia With Melodic Flow

Brisbane, Australia-based Zimbabwean rapper Prince Tarirai Jnr Mudadada popularly known as Baby Prince has the world on a watch list. 

His latest R&B-influenced track Fall Thru featuring Mason Dane has blown up like Nitroglycerin on the local and international scene landing him on Complex's Best New Australian Music list last month. 

Baby Prince
Baby Prince/ Bronson Moyle Photography

In his own words, The Harare, Zimbabwe-born independent recording artist's melodic flow is heavily influenced by US rappers like 2 Chainz, Young Thug, Lil Wayne and also singers like Michael Jackson and T Pain. 

“It was just – Mike, Mike, Mike (Jackson)…whenever I wanted to listen to music.” 

“2 Chainz was probably the first rapper”, “-and from then I found Lil Wayne, from 2 Chainz”. 

“It’s just the way he says things (Lil Wayne) – just the cadence”, “there’s a whole bunch of character in what he says”.

Another 2022 notable release from Baby Prince is a track titled Zimbabwe. “Most people think I’m American because of how my music sounds but I wanted to make this song and make it perfectly clear where I’m from and my story. I’m proud of where I’m from and this song is kind of like paying homage I guess, I mentioned in the first verse ‘I’m still doing this shit for my grandma my aunt and my sisters right down to my cousins’ because that’s how I was raised." says Baby Prince as quoted here on what influenced him to make the song.” 

Check out Fall Thru featuring Mason Dane below and let us know what you think about his music in the comments.

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