earGROUND Gives Emerging Artists A Platform With Inaugural Amplifaya Festival Set For September 3rd

Media company earGROUND and Gateway Streaming Services have collaborated to bring to life the Amplifaya Festival which is set to take place at Rainbow Towers Hotel’s Heritage Adventure Park in Harare. According to organizers, the festival taking place on September 3rd is going to be a youth-friendly event dedicated to promoting new voices, creative diversity and creating a safe space for young consumers of entertainment.

earGROUND Amplifaya Festival

Young consumers of entertainment products such as music, fashion, dance and new innovations have a unique taste that has often been overlooked by the mainstream. It’s this unique appetite that we are seeking to service through the Amplifaya festival. With the advent of the internet and social media, there is an emergence of new subcultures and trends that inform and appeal to youthful audiences.
There is also a sharp rise in new amazing voices and talents yearning for a platform and opportunity to showcase, express and grow. Amplifaya will feature some young popular artists and the best promising musicians from across Zimbabwe. Other youth culture elements will also be incorporated. You can expect an epic lineup featuring talented artists representing the pinnacle of artistic expression in both commercial and underground in Zimbabwe

The festival lineup features a host of upcoming and established artists across a wide array of genres. The featured artists include Andrea The Vocalist, Ma9Nine, Noluntu J, MJ Sings, Tebza, Murphy Cubic, Feli Nandi, Takura, DenimWoods, Boi Shona, Suhn, Leo Magozz, Mystery, Madeherbelieve, Moosafa King, Monzon, Shian, Dancehall Keddah, Solution GC, Dough Major, Lloyd Soul, Kyla Blac, Shaku Chanté, Ace Frvr, Alvin The New Guy, Dingo, Kim Makumbe, Benard Betera, Tanto Wavie, Dj Krimz, Terry Gee, Chipo Muchegwa, Yenge family, Ti Gonzi, Blot, Dobba Don, DJ King Her, Nyasha David, Ishan and Malish.

The festival is targeting to have a line-up that will feature emerging and talented voices. Voices that are set to become the next global superstars. These are artists who are waiting for an Amplifaya to blow up and be heard. These new voices are spread across the country and come in various genres. 
The young population already connects with some of them who are already disrupting the daily playlists and our taste buds. Our selection criteria were informed by great new talent spread across regions and genres. We made an effort to have artists from different provinces as our festival is national. To make the lineup firm we had to include a few established artistes

The festival will also be more than just music performances as organizers stated that under the Amplifaya Creative Entrepreneurship Program (ACEP) – (A unique program tailored to provide training, space, and support to a young non-professional but practicing artists/ creatives from across all disciplines) they will host an extensive full day training workshop the day before the main festival, where the participating artists will undergo a robust and empowering workshop with industry professionals who will train them on creative business, artist management, mental health issues, substance abuse, digital innovation and how to become a better live performer. 

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