Love and Drugs in Hillzy’s song Guka

‘You are everything but authentic’ would be my favourite line from the song in focus. A song that combines two of the most complex phenomena - love and drugs. The two discussions are passionate because in some thinking their appeal is luring but the repercussions have repeatedly been regrettable. 


From a moralistic perspective, the idea of romanticizing drugs is controversial. Especially when done by people who without doubt are victims of their passion – drugs. You may take it this way when an artist is so much about the heartbreak listeners begin to think it actually happened and that is quite familiar, right? 

In local contexts, crystal meth (methamphetamine) is colloquially known as Guka/Mutoriro. This is a drug responsible for several fatalities and mental health illnesses amongst the youths. Guka is portrayed as a hard drug because it actually is. It is spoken about with hopeless undertones. It is that dirty. 

Hillzy’s music is the last place you would expect the subject matter entirely about the despised drug without the common narrative of speaking against it. Instead, he educates by metaphorically juxtaposing the drug’s adverse characteristics and the harsh heartbreak realities. All based on addiction which primarily soothes the soul only to rip it in the end. Hence ‘made me promises that were empty’. 

This artistic approach to the crisis at hand doesn’t seem grounded in actually fighting drugs but a very smart way to educate potential users that in the end, you will tweak all night. In full circle, the drugs and love are everything but authentic. More conscientization about the effects is at the moment lacking. Let us stop the stigmatization of young ones who have fallen, victim.

Listen to Guka below and let’s discuss in the comments!

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