Upcoming Zimbabwe Rapper Tinaash Talks About Mental Health In Save Me

Recent times on Zimbabwe’s social media streets have really awakened Zimbabweans from the looming mental health crisis. For far too long matters to deal with depression have been treated as alien. But the rise in suicides especially amongst young men has been worrisome. High time to reverse the stereotypes – men are not immune to stress, they cry and then die. 

Upcoming Zimbabwe Rapper Tinaash

In multiple conversations with this author, the 21-year-old reveals the existential crisis faced by the modern youth. The stress of approaching adulthood without pillars guarantees a sustainable livelihood. These circumstances emanate from a host of factors that vary with contexts and individual capacities. 

Tinaash beckons about the reality that nobody is really there to save you. Still, he gives us a benefit of the doubt. To save him. Though it seems fruitless the youths are crying through drugs amongst a multitude of delinquencies. Social media is flooded with teenagers sick for attention as evident in the semi-nude pictures. The message is quite clearer in the posts. 

The song by Tinaash is a well-articulated plea to the many voices we have shut our ears to. This calls for family-based therapies which too have become a rarity because the caregivers to are on the battlefront in making ends meet and chasing the ever-flying rates on the black market. 

Tinaash’s message is intentional and straightforward. It is the awareness that even when no one seems to be listening the youths will not stop crying. We have a role to play in the life of whoever makes family, friends, workmates, and even strangers give them the cheapest help of listening to their struggles.

Listen to Tinaash’s plea for saving via the link below, the song was produced by 100x Beats whilst Lloyd Soul handled the Mixing and mastering at Roman Rap Studios Harare.   

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