Tanto Wavie Releases Visuals For The 420 Anthem "Dzinga Munyama"

Tanto Wavie is here with the video for Dzinga Munyama, a song that pays homage to marijuana, which was initially released on his last album Sungura Museve. The song title "Dzinga Munyama" comes from the common Zimbabwean superstition that marijuana smoke chases away the bad or unlucky spirits. And this is the theme in the tracks chorus as Tanto Wavie sings, "Vakomana bakidzai danda, ndigo dzinga munyama, dzinga munyama, ndigo dzinga Devil, anoda kutipa munyama anoda kunditsoma, kuda kuporonga."

The TrapSu originator has never been shy about showing off his love of smoking herbs and he has several releases that have testified to this fact. His last release "Bhema" also talked about marijuana; fittingly in the video description for Dzinga Munyama it was labelled "Official Weedio". The song's visuals are crisp and are the directive work of SIMDOC. Shot in Chitungwiza they have an urban meets retro feel.

Tanto Wavie

Tanto Wavie and crew are styled in outfits that bring to mind the Zimbabwean 80s & 90s, with hairdos that compliment the look. The song which was produced by Tanto himself displays the TrapSu sound at its best, with an amazing bright guitar sequence that brings to life the trap & sungura elements blend together.

Checkout the video for "Dzinga Munyama" below:


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