KLVDR, The Zimbabwean Born Director Behind Stormzy's "Mel Made Me Do It" Visuals

KLVDR is a Zimbabwe-born, London-based filmmaker who began his career as a graphic designer.

Stormzy recently announced his return with the track "Mel Made Me Do It" which was released with an 11-minute video that has had everyone talking. From its crisp visuals to the flawless transitions & countless cameos, it's truly a masterpiece and the mind behind that video is another high-flying Zimbabwean. 

KLVDR, born Kalvadour Peterson was the directive mind behind Stormzy's latest music video, a video that took 6 months to create and features almost 40 cameos, including the likes of Jose Mourinho.


In an interview with The Face, KLVDR revealed that when Stormzy approached him to work on the project he had a few ideas for scenes, which pointed him in the right direction and was graciously open to new concepts which are why the video ended up being so long.

The key concept was the idea that Stormzy is in a whole new space, the happiest he has ever been. It later grew into a bigger idea as we brought in more cameos. This was not only about just him, it was about everything around what he represents as a voice in the scene. The influence and the doors that are being opened by everyone who has come before him and everyone who will come after. - KLVDR 

KLVDR is a Zimbabwe-born, London-based filmmaker who began his career as a graphic designer. From here he branched out into stage design, live visuals and branding becoming an incredibly versatile, multi-disciplinary filmmaker. His multi-disciplinary approach has allowed him to work across the board of filmmaking, stage design/live visuals and branding. 

He has directed promos for the likes of Stormzy, J Hus, Dave, Mahalia, Wizkid and MHD. He has also directed campaigns for global brands such as Daimler, Beats by Dre, Apple, Adidas, Crep protect and the NBA. He is currently signed to Pulse Films.

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