Ruvimbo Samanga Awarded The International Astronautical Federation's Young Space Leader Award

Ruvimbo Samanga was awarded the International Astronautical Federation's Young Space Leader Award at the recently ended 2022 International Astronautical Congress.

Ruvimbo Samanga

The IAF Young Space Leaders Recognition Programme is awarded to exceptional students and young professionals, who contribute to astronautics in their academic or early careers, reach out to other young people and their communities to share knowledge and experiences, have been engaged with the international space community and contribute to IAF activities.

Ruvimbo Samanga
Ruvimbo Samanga 

I could cry tears of joy. Today I received the International Astronautical Federation’s Young Space Leader award, representing Zimbabwe, Africa and all emerging space advocates. It’s been my pleasure to grow and learn from this industry. From Emerging Space Leader 2021, to now, I am grateful. Ad Astra, and thank you to my friends for helping me fulfill my dreams. - Ruvimbo Samanga via social media

Ruvimbo Samanga is a Zimbabwean scholar and lawyer working with Space Law & Policy. Samanga was the National Point of Contact in Zimbabwe under the Space Generation Advisory Council, which works in collaboration with the United Nations Programme on Space Applications. She has held Research positions at the Open Lunar Foundation and served as a Ban Ki Moon Global Scholar.

Samanga has been recognized as an African Space Leader, an Emerging Space Leader and a Young Space Leader for her contributions to policy, business, education and outreach, and she seeks to collaborate on space-related, capacity-building research for the African & global space sector.

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