R Peels’ ever beautiful work ethic delivers a 45 track Album

Quick thoughts on Zviri EvaBeautiful 2

The feeling is inexplicable. Heads are rolling in the streets of Zimbabwean hip hop. R Peels remains unfazed that certain circles have blacklisted him. He refers to it as the ‘system’ and writes on his Twitter bio that he is a legend and public enemy. The album Zviri EvaBeautiful 2 is a sophomore project following up the unfinished business in the first edition which dropped in 2017.

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R.Peels with Album model @datgalbertha 
Image credit R.Peels/Instagram

The new album is a marathon of lyrical prowess as shown by the range in coverage of different talking points, which is the point of doing art, anyway. R Peels boasts of an incredible work ethic. His journey, despite being marred by oft overemphasized criticism has been a beauty which indeed is everlasting. Quick thoughts which can be drawn from the release are mainly the quality in production and lyrical range. He celebrates manipulating his flaws to make a selling point through rap flows which hardly fail to impress.

R Peels raps ‘45 tracks ndiwo ma interviews’ to further reject the system. He stands firm amidst the storming vices of manipulation in the music industry. The album isn’t actually one to sit a review but it is more the artist we should listen to – his philosophy, how he got to this point. Perhaps the rebellion is just too intimidating? To the so-called gatekeepers despite it being an abstract phenomenon because everyone, almost, is a gatekeeper of art. Hence he buoyantly exhumes ‘macollaborations ese aya mafriendship’. He despised transacting for one. That is a culture he dreams ZimHipHop wakes up to.

The review could go on and on. It gets to a point where it’s tiring. This in the end corrupts the ever-beautiful rawness of a sovereign talent that is nauseated by substandard or otherwise half-hearted feedback. Thus we leave it here.

The album is out on all platforms. When you too are tired, remember to leave feedback in the dialogue box!

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