IAMCHAPTER, Saintfloew preach game in new song "If We Don’t Make It"

Here is the music video for “If we don't make it” by IAMCHAPTER featuring Saint Floew 

Music has this ability to instill energy where it lacks. It is definitely fine truth when people claim that music saved their lives. This is the case in music like the song If We Don’t Make It by IamChapter and Saintfloew.
In the face of growing capitalist tendencies, the modern youth must be educated that their fate lies in the work of their hands, ultimately. That fate carries the blame for the insurgent mental health severities in the backyard of every community. If you don’t make it. Such an ugly thought!

IAMCHAPTER featuring Saint Floew

This song by IamChapter is an empowering stance which stages a conscious war of individual self against contingencies, of course, inspired by factors beyond control – an existential crisis. The song testifies to the inevitable pressures of life as one transfigures into full adulthood. It is an exciting prospect and dream to bring the bread home. To live satisfying bachelorhood without sneaking in and out of the father’s bedroom because he too, needs some time off and gets payback. It is a dream for a hustling youth to pay rent earlier than the oncoming month. And many more dreams.

The above sentiments are echoed in this song by Saintfloew that ‘if we do not bring it home they will be traumatized’. IamChapter surrenders it all to God. Between us and our dreams is a higher power not people, a higher power that fully understands the nature of our ambitions. The song further reiterates the always crumbling human relationships due to hypocrisy, betrayal, jealousy and even witchcraft. Growing up is realizing that people are not always dependable, if at all. 

It is a rap song and more. This writing can only pretend so much about Saintfloew’s impeccable run this year and this collaboration adds to a list of his best which is yet to come?

Kindly check out the video for If We Don’t Make It below and tell us what you think!

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