Dough Major and Dingo Duke finally drop Bhambi Sterek visuals

Here is the official video for Bhambi Sterek by Dough Major & Dingo Duke Featuring Vannel

Shebeen rap is a fast-growing movement in the local hip-hop industry. At face value, the shebeen inclines backyard drinking in mostly high-density suburbs. Despite the legal status of this ‘lifestyle’, Dough Major and Dingo Duke are seriously pursuing it as a sound and hip-hop sub-genre. 

One unforgettable attribute in the new generation of entertainers is their zest for defying the status quo. The youths nowadays have taken it upon themselves to change narratives that for long have been hindering innovative exploits. Hip hop emerges as the sonic to this shift.

Bhambi Sterek by Dough Major & Dingo Duke Featuring Vannel

Speaking to this author Dough Major revealed that Shebeen Rap has outgrown its parameters and expressed shock at how the industry is fast jumping onto it. The collaboration with Dingo Duke is a manifestation of the chemistry they have shared for a long time. Dingo Duke is still riding high with the waves his album Tavern Hotel has been making lately. It has been touted to be one of the best hip-hop albums which have dropped this year. 

Bhambi Sterek's visuals have finally dropped and indeed, shebeen lifestyle is acutely caught on camera. The bounce in this song merges a feel of Amapiano and we have no option but to include this jam on our summer playlists. 

Check out the video for Bhambi Sterek on the link below and share your thoughts in the comment section below! 

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