Meet 18 year producer Nagbeatz, Zimbabwean Hip-Hop’s gifted student!

Nagbeatz's recent activity involves producing some tracks on R Peel’s latest 45-track album ZviriEvaBeautiful 2

At hand is a solid standpoint that Nagbeatz is an outstanding talent. The fact that he is 18 years of age brings everything to a clamouring standstill and worse still yet to complete high school education at Churchill. Born Nyashadzashe Alison Gurira is a Zimbabwean hip-hop wonder kid who under the able mentorship of Jax is now a forerunner in defining the course of the game. We are in high spirits to publicize extracts from our interaction with the youngster below.

Meet 18 year producer Nagbeatz, Zimbabwean Hip-Hop’s gifted student!

The script for many musical success stories is characterized by long periods and years in the underground. Whilst there is no doubt that struggle shape exciting narratives, we have no option but to acknowledge chronological shifts as a result of the scientific revolution. The science incursion has birthed digital spaces which have remarkably enhanced greater proximity between the young and their dreams. This argument sufficiently justifies the ongoing blitzkrieg in the entertainment industry where new school hip hop is feasting on electric-paced followership.

Nagbeatz signifies the above specs. He is talented enough to orchestrate waves in the emerging hip-hop sub-genres and belonging to a generation that is excitable about these rapid developments is within reach. Beat making is a complex art whilst it has not really enjoyed deserved acclaim. In the hip-hop trade, beats are the bloodline and barricades to what is judged as good music. In fact, for all music disciplines, producers are vital for their invaluable input. Nag is aware of this fate but remains unfazed. His buoyance exudes impressive visions of what the future holds against a long-running jinx of being underrated.

Nagbeatz expressed satisfaction that hip hop is finally getting attention as compared to a few years back. He is at the heart of R Peel’s 45-track album ZviriEvaBeautiful 2 (ZEB2). The album shines a light on the youngster as R Peels continues a perfect run of quality beat selection on his projects. Nag confirms how that has boosted his confidence. Amongst a host of projects that credit the young producer in recent times is Bling4’s Isai Kupenya. 

For a journey that only started in 2019, we can safely invest our hopes in the passion he oozes and the guidance rendered by Jax! He is reachable on social media accounts such as Nagbeatz and for greater context check out R Peel's album on all platforms. 

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