Kae Chaps and Jnr Brown issue their admission of guilt in 'Sorry Boyz'

There is a thin line between love and hate. We have routinely failed to pause, reflect and act accordingly because emotions seem to get the better of us. This thing of judging people when we are less informed has ripped families, friends and relationships. Kae Chaps has been quick to realize this fate as he pours it out in a new song which features Jnr Brown.

Kae Chaps and Jnr Brown issue their admission of guilt in Sorry Boyz.

To begin with, Jnr Brown is a classic act in the hip-hop industry. He is a different breed altogether and we have all at some point been frustrated by his extraterrestrial approach to the game. He is suddenly missing in action but his aura can never be rubbed off. Jnr Brown, just like any other pioneer, is a victim of allegations that they have let the new school down. Not everybody, but a majority has fingered him for not carrying youngsters to the top. But we disagree. The legendary rapper is featured on many projects for mainly new names on the scene despite not being actively seen making noise about it.

Now the issue at the moment is the knives stabbing Kae Chaps. The youngster is one of the artists in Zimbabwe whose breakout came a little later than what we expected. You wanted that Rugare boy to hit the airwaves soon as you heard him sing. Kae Chaps is a product endorsed by many whilst he was still in the trenches. There just wasn’t a hit song. By the time Juzi warmed our cold night dream of seeing the star shine, everyone was ready to get a piece of the cake. And little did we realize how much pressure the artist would bear. At least that is what he has managed to communicate in Sorry Boyz. He does so in remorse and it’s emotionally distasteful. My heart was moved.

He addresses the case of R Peels who even went to the extent of tarnishing Kae Chaps’ image in a song where he raps about the latter not giving him a verse in return. In return for believing in him when he was still underground. Fair to both, this is not a place to judge. We however stand for composure and maybe at least pause before we go all out on people without concrete evidence that they have abandoned us. 

This writing is reactionary. It is an admission of guilt not only for Jnr Brown and Kae Chaps. This is who we are as a people and this type of music indeed expresses it better – hypocrisy.

Listen to Sorry Boyz by Kae Chaps and Jnr Brown using the link below.

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