Kudzi Chikumbu listed among 2022’s Top 50 businesses luminaries by Adweek for his achievements as 'Global Head of Creator Marketing' at TikTok

Adweek recently announced the recipients of the 2022 Adweek 50 award, an annual celebration of the most indispensable executives across marketing, media and technology. The list is comprised of 50 individuals who have proven themselves essential to their company's growth and success. 

35-year-old Zimbabwe-born, US-based Tik Tok executive, Kudzi Chikumbu was awarded along with 49 others, working behind the scenes to drive growth in big ways at their respective companies, bringing recognition to those who may be overlooked today but will be running the show tomorrow.

Kudzi Chikumbu recognised among 2022 Adweek Top 50 Luminaries for his achievements as 'Global Head of Creator Marketing' at TikTok

"We Win! Thank you Adweek for including me in Adweek 50 for 2022!" said Chikumbu in a LinkedIn post. "Truly an honor because of the recognition of the work the team has done to support creator and creativity attribution! Making sure that people get their due and credit is so important. This is a #TikTok TEAM award because it takes a LOT of people. WE win!" he continued.

Check out the summary for Kudzi Chikumbu’s achievements at Tik Tok by Adweek below:

With its massive audience, videos on TikTok are impacting culture far beyond the small screen and, in turn, giving more people than ever an opportunity to share their ideas. But the fast-growing platform didn’t have a system for attributing where its trends started, leading some creators—and particularly those of color—to not get credit for their own work. Enter Chikumbu, global head of creator marketing at TikTok, who has worked on several initiatives to combat this problem. This year, Chikumbu spearheaded the creation of a new product feature that makes it easier to tag the originator of a trend and launched a campaign to highlight originators’ content, which has received more than 30 million views. Chikumbu’s dedication to the creator community stems from his own time as a creator. According to Chikumbu, video content can help someone “feel a sense of worthiness and encourage people to live more authentically fulfilling lives.  

Per LinkedIn, Kudzi Chikumbu joined Tik Tok six years ago in 2018 as Head of USA Creator Partnerships and rose through the ranks to his current role as Global Head of Creator Marketing last August. 

He holds an Accounting Degree from the University of Cape Town and an MBA from Stanford University.

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